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Gathering Information

Collecting information about GRE can be the main task that one has to accomplish before preparing for it. Since the test is of of vital importance for one and all, it is essential that you know all about the examination. When you look for any information about GRE, make sure you select the best possible source and reconfirm any piece of information about the test from at least two other sources. It is only the official sources that you can blindly rely on for anything about the examination. In fact, you must access the official web site (www.ets.org) for gaining any sort of information about this test first of all. Then only you should try to gather information from any other source.

Quantitative Reasoning

This section is important, since it evaluates the students for their basic problem solving capacities and mathematical skills. It can contain questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, quantitative comparison and problem solving. All questions are multiple-choice questions, but they differ in nature. Some questions require you to think and reason out the answer without applying any formulas, while some questions can be solved by using standard mathematical formulas and methods. GRE testing of quantitative skills also includes testing the students of their abilities to read graphs and interpret statistical data. That is why this section also includes questions based on graphs. The students are required to understand the graphs and answer the questions that follow.

Analytical Writing Section

The analytical writing section tests your writing abilities and requires you to write two separate essays on the given topics. You are supposed to write the essay according to the requirements of the question. The essays are of two types, issue task and argument task.

In the issue task essay, you are given a debatable topic for which you are supposed to express the view that you support. You can develop it with the help of examples and reason.

In the argument task essay, an argument is presented to you, which expresses the author's view. In your essay you are required to analyze the argument and the thought of the author. Here you are not required to give your view on the topic, instead you can discuss the situations in which the argument holds good or the one where it is rejected.

GRE Testing Study Methods

There are many different methods of studying that can help you in GRE. Since it opens the door to higher studies, and it is taken by a large number of students, the preparation for the test should be of the ultimate level. There are many methods that facilitate your preparation. GRE coaching classes, online courses and tutorials offer help to students in this respect. You can also make use of books, CDs, flashcards, GRE POWERPREP, and other such products. Such products facilitate self-study by providing all the required reference materials and information. GRE can be made easier by using the most suitable method of studying.

GRE Testing Criticism

The test is not devoid of shortcomings. It is criticized because of the fact that it does not assess the overall personality of a student. It does not identify aspects like special talent, personality, confidence etc. That is why some colleges feel the need of conducting interviews and other similar tests in order to test the overall personality of students and choose the cream of the lot.

This test is criticized for the fact that it contains too many objective type questions. All sections except the analytical writing section contain multiple-choice questions. This results in guesswork by students, in case they do not know the correct answer.

It is also criticized on grounds of being a rigid testing method. It becomes a test of how well a student can adapt himself to a standardized test more than the test of his actual capabilities.

The features of the test make it a unique as well as a useful test. Thus it is accepted even with its shortcomings. The score obtained in GRE is considered predictive of your performance in college. Not only does it help the colleges to select students, it also helps the students by introducing them to the colleges of their choice. This multi-purpose nature of the GRE makes it a popular test amongst admission seekers all over the world.

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