Understand The GRE Score Card

Most of the graduate schools do not have any specified GRE score requirements but these scores act as one of the many factors required for the admission. The importance of score requirements vary from graduate school to graduate school and from program to program. If you apply for a reputed and high in demand school then the minimum score requirements in terms of GRE test percentile is going to be more than 90th. The programs which are more in demand give more value to the GRE scores. Some graduate schools do not have GRE score requirements for a particular section and put more emphasis on the other section related to their program like technical graduate courses may ask for high Quantitative scores and psychology programs lay more emphasis on the reasoning skills. Similarly if you are going for a graduate school to study English, GRE score requirements of Quantitative section is going to be of less importance. GRE test score requirements are more for PhD programs than the master's program. Many graduate schools give more importance to undergraduate grades in making admission decisions, followed by letters of recommendation and then they require GRE scores. These scores are also required by the graduate schools while taking decisions about the scholarships and fellowship.

GRE Official Test Score Report

Unofficially, you will be able to view your scores for verbal and quantitative sections but you won't be able to view scores for analytical section. GRE official test score report for computer adaptive test will take 15-20 days to reach your authorized schools after the testing. This score report for paper based test may take four to six weeks after the testing. Your  score report is a cumulative report that is it contains test scores from all the GRE exams you have given in the last 5 years.

Your score report will be sent to the graduate schools you have designated while giving computer based exam. For the paper based exam you have to designate graduate schools where you want to send your marks to, at the time of registration only. ETS directly sends your score report to the graduate schools you have authorized. According to ETS, only official test score report should be accepted while considering a candidate for admission. Even if a school has to verify something about the test score report, it has to contact ETS.

Your score report will contain names of all the schools you have selected officially to send your scores. You may choose to send either your general test scores subject test scores only, or all the scores. If you want an additional reports, you can order for additional test reports by phone or mail after paying an additional fee of $15.

Finally, the baseline is that to get admission in the graduate school of your choice, you have to score well. To aim for a score higher than the average GRE test score is a good idea. Knowledge about the nature of the test and its percentile and GRE test score requirements of different graduate schools will help you to do well and allow you to know your true position while applying for the admission.

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