Points To Remember While Making A Timetable For GRE

A lot depends on how you plan your test schedule. You must register well in time to be mentally free for concentrating on your preparation. Next thing is to collect adequate study material for the test. There are a number of web sites available where you can get comprehensive study materials for the test. You may find software available online for practicing for the GRE CAT. You may join a good course for preparation either online or at an institute. One may just want to do self study for this examination. Once you have acquired all the study materials you can prepare a time table for your study to cover the entire syllabus in the time available with you. Once you have studied all the necessary concepts for every section, you can start taking mock tests. These tests are an unavoidable part of your preparation. Your success in the examination is directly proportional to the amount of practice you take in solving sample questions. You must also reserve a time slot in your schedule for clearing your doubts from your friends or guides.

GRE Registration Schedule

By now you would have realized how important it is to know the test schedule. GRE registration is an important process of the complete exam. The examination is conducted at various test centers throughout the year. You must refer to the official web site of ETS (www.ets.org/GRE) for the availability of the test centers near you. At this web site you will also find the test date schedule which is spread over the entire year. You must call up the test center of your choice to find out about the test dates of your interest. The schedule for registration offers you three or four ways to do your registration. If you wish to take the test in the US, US territories or Canada then you can do the registration by mail, phone or online. For places other than these you can register by sending fax also. One can pay for the registration by e-banking or credit cards. You must confirm from the official web site mentioned above for further details. The complete schedule for registration can be explained in following steps:

  • Check for the availability of test centers and decide on one of your choice
  • Select the test date of your choice at this center
  • Contact this test center for registration and give your details if you wish to register by phone or fill in the online registration form and send it to the official address of ETS.
  • Make the payments
  • Collect your confirmation voucher number
  • Contact the test center and fix your appointment for the exam

Once your registration is over you are sent the acknowledgment along with the software for practicing for the computer adaptive format. The schedule for registration allows you to postpone your exam or cancel it if you wish to do so.

GRE Schedule for Course

There are a number of web sites that offer various courses for this test. You may find a number of institutions also that offer coaching for the test. The schedules for courses at these web sites or coaching institutes are of varying durations. The preparatory course may be anything between 15 days to three months. The course will start by explaining the test format and an introduction to the concepts required for the test. Then it teaches you these concepts in depth and offers you a lot of practice questions. In the second half of the GRE schedule for course you will experience lot of mock tests. The test schedule of any good course will evaluate your performance on the course and guide you in overcoming your weaknesses in certain areas of the test.


The GRE schedule comprises of various stages right from the time you begin preparing for the test, for registration and finally, till you get your results. Once you know the GRE test schedule in complete detail you can plan your preparation effectively. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that your half of the GRE battle is won if you know the GRE exam schedule in depth.

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