GRE Test Results

When and How Are GRE Results Declared

The GRE test is taken through dedicated testing centers around the world in order to make admission applications for university level education. The GRE test is administered in two formats- computer-based test and paper-based test. Most of the testing centers around the world use the computer-based testing format but the paper-based test is administered in locations where the former is not available. The GRE results of test takers help them to prove their abilities to the administrative authorities of the educational institution. All necessary information about the GRE test and results is available on the official website at There are three ways in which a test taker can check his  results. This results can be viewed online, checked over the phone or viewed in the official score report which is delivered to your address. Below is an explanation on when and how the GRE results are declared.

General Information about the Test Scores

GRE results contain information about how a test taker has performed on the GRE test. Test scores are allotted to test takers in the three sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The sections of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning receive scaled scores on a range of 130-170 points. Increments are made by 1 point in terms of addition of marks. The Analytical Writing section receives a score on a range of 0-6 points on the results. Increments in this section are made by half a point in terms of addition of scores. If you do not answer any questions at all in a particular section of the test your score for that section will be reported as No Score (NS) in your GRE results.

When the Scores Are Released

Score reports are usually sent to test taker's address as well as institutions the test taker directs the GRE results to be sent 10-15 days from the date of the test. This is applicable for the results of those test takers that have taken the computer-based test. Those who take the paper based test receive their official test results at their address six weeks after the day of their test.

How You Can View Your Test Scores

Test takers can view their test results over the phone or online apart from getting their official results. To view your results online you will require a "My GRE Account". If you do not have one you can create one for yourself. Test scores are available for computer-based tests approximately 15 days after the test date and the paper-based test takers can view their results online around six weeks after the test date. This can be viewed by test takers over the internet for free.

In order to check your GRE results over the phone you will need to pay a fee of $12. In order to do this you will require the use of a valid credit or debit card. Test takers in the United States of America, Canada, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands can make use of the toll free number that is available on the website at Detailed directions along with guidance about the required information to check your results over the phone are available at the above mentioned link. You should make sure you have correct information about the working hours of the administrative offices so you are not inconvenienced.

Additional information about how to understand your scores, as well as scoring services for students who wish to have their test papers re-assessed, is available on the official website. You can also request for additional copies of your GRE results by paying the required administrative fee.

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