Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a test conducted by ETS (Education Testing Service) and if you wish to appear for the test, you should register with ETS by paying the required fee for the admission. This process is called GRE test registration. This test examines your skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing. If you are one of those students who are seeking admission in graduate courses in a large number of colleges and institutes in the world, which accept the score of GRE you will be required to register yourself for the test. Proper completion of the registration process is very important thing if you wish to appear for GRE, as you will be required to give some vital information and any mistake here on your part may affect the chances to appear for the exam. The procedure for registration includes filling your personal particulars, selection of the format of the test, test center and the date suitable for you to appear for GRE. You should also make the payments for fee at the time of registration itself. In addition, you are required to submit the names and codes of colleges or universities where you want the score of GRE exam to be reported.

Formats for GRE

At present this test is being conducted in two formats namely CBT or Computer Based Test and PBT or Paper Based Test. You may register for any of these formats based on the availability of the format in your country. You can get the information about various test centers in your country and the format available at these centers on the official web site of ETS. Although Computer Based Test has replaced PBT in most of the places, you may take the examination in the Paper Based Test format if CBT is not available in any test center of your choice

You should register yourself for GRE if you wish to get admission in a graduate course in an institute or college which accepts the GRE score. The score obtained in this exam has a validity period of five years. You are not required to take GRE again for admission if you have obtained a high score in this exam in the last five years.

GRE Test Registration

Registration of GRE can be done online, on phone, by fax or through mail. There are various options available for choice of mode of registration. It will depend on whether or not that facility exists in your country and also on the format of the exam that you choose. It is essential that before you register yourself for the exam you should make a decision on the choice of test center and the format of the exam. You will have to confirm from the ETS web site whether the format of your choice is available at the test center of your choice or there is a requirement to change one of the two. Although GRE tests are conducted all round the year, it is advised that you take the test well ahead of the time when you wish to join a college. You should cater for the time that will be required to send your scores to the institute of your choice.

Most of the students plan to appear for the test in the last quarter of the year i.e. October to December. If you are also planning to appear for the test during the same period, you should register yourself in advance. The seats at the key test centers are limited and are allotted on the first come first served basis. It is recommended that you register for the exam well in advance so that you get the seat in the test center of your choice. The preparation material provided at the time of registration will be useful if you register in advance. At the time of registration, you should be careful about the vital information that you provide like the spellings of your name. This information should be similar to the information in your identity proof; else, you will not be permitted to take the test. You can find the information about the date of the exam, format of the exam, exam centers in your area on the official web site of ETS.

The registration for GRE should be done before the due date. You can register later than this but only on the payment of a late fee. You may do the registration online at any time of the day and on any day of the week. If you are registering on phone, you can register only during the office hours. If you are registering by mail, it is advised that you register yourself at least four weeks before the due date to provide the authorities enough time to post you the confirmation of your registration. You can download the registration form from the internet or it can be requested by mail. There are various options for making the payment for to complete the registration process. It can be made through a debit card, credit card, money order or through a certified cheque.

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