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It is very important that you keep your calm during the exam. If a student is not confident of his preparation for the test, it is possible that he may panic. Therefore, during the exam you should follow a time plan. You should not waste time on any specific question. In case you are confused, you should leave that question to handle it later. Time is very critical in GRE. Wastage of time can cause a state of panic. In addition, if you reach the exam center late or you are not carrying the required writing material along with you, you can land yourself in a state of panic. It is advisable to reach the exam center well in time to avoid panic. You should be in possession of an identification proof and other such essential materials. You are not allowed to carry any calculator, cellular phones, pagers etc into the examination center. As the exam is conducted online, you should be well versed with the use of a keyboard and a mouse. This will certainly help you to save time during the test.

Preparation of GRE  is a combination of familiarization with the test format, thorough study, dedicated and sincere practice. It will certainly help you to get a high score during the exam. You should maintain the right balance of these elements in your preparation plan.

GRE Test Preparation Help

At times you will find GRE preparation help from the most unlikely sources. Let us discuss such some of the sources that can help you prepare for the examination. The first place you can look for help in preparing for the test is your own school library. Many a time, we tend to take things for granted. Look at the library for books on GRE preparation. The second such unlikely source of help is your school teachers. Ask them for guidance on how to prepare for GRE. There could be some teachers actually preparing students for some aspect of the exam without your knowing about it. The same hold true for ex-students of your school.

or listing Another source of preparation can be newspapers. You might not be aware of many advertisements that appear in your newspaper related with coaching for GRE preparationother source of help. There could be some excellent coaching class being run in your neighborhood without your knowing about it. Besides, some newspapers start publishing practice tests or other information related with GRE around exam time. Keep an eye on such publications. There could even be separate pages printed containing preparation help.

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