GRE Test Materials

Essentials of Good GRE Study Materials Available Online

Any competitive exam needs a thorough preparation. Good test materials are required to study well for the test. There are different types of study materials available like books, software and online materials. Online materials for GRE are one of the most easily accessible and cheap study materials available. These online materials are available as free or paid services. Some of the websites offer a free trial period and after that you have to pay for their services. These materials alone can be used for the preparation or can be combined with other books and courses.

Good test materials should,

  • Talk about the test pattern clearly,
  • Review each section type and question type,
  • Have enough practice sections and
  • Have full-length practice tests.

When a study material or book satisfies the above criteria, then it can be used for the preparation. Some of the study materials concentrate on one of the sections of the test. These books are very useful for those who want to improve their scores in a particular section. Some materials concentrate fully on practice tests. These practice tests prove very useful for preparation and sharpening your test taking skills.

Here we shall divide the GRE study materials available online into 3 broad categories

  1. Materials which cover the whole of GRE.
  2. Materials that cover 1 or 2 sections.
  3. Materials exclusively with practice tests.

Materials Which Cover the Whole of GRE

  • ETS GRE - Free preparatory materials are available from the makers of the test themselves. Here practice materials are available for each of the section type and question type.
  • Grad Mentor - This free GRE study material can be downloaded from its website. It consists of 1000 page E-book for those of you who are aspiring for a graduation, a GRE kit, a Vocabulary kit and an Articles Power kit. This kit consists of an E-book and a GradMentor CD demo. An E-book, 100 words demo and a crossword is present in the Vocabulary kit. The Articles Power kit helps you to learn and become an expert in the usage of articles.
  • Study Guide Zone - This guides helps you on how to prepare for the test with sample questions for all the question types. Though this does not teach you the concepts involved, it helps you in the learning process.
Materials that Cover 1 or 2 Sections 
  • - website offers free study material for the individual sections of the test for preparation. Free practice essays are available online. There are 10 essay links. You can click on any one and start writing the essay. This is a timed test. The analysis of your essay will be e-mailed to you along with some other students’ essays. Within 72 hours, the feedback will be sent to you.
  • Learnhub - can access free GRE resources and timed test papers at this website. Learnhub is a part of Educomp Solutions. They have education expertise and their GRE test materials are very good.
Materials Exclusively with Practice Tests
  • The Princeton Review - Princeton Review offers one free mock test. After the test a report on your performance with tips to increase your scores are also given.
  • Jumbotests - This website has 52 test papers and 773 questions. These tests can be taken free of cost. It offers questions in different sections of the GRE. Average time taken and average scores are also given. This will help you to understand where you stand.
  • Kaplan Test Prep - Free mock tests are available at this site. You can register and take up the test. The test score with a detailed analysis of your performance and answer explanations are given.

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