Important Features of GRE Test Centers

5 Essentials of GRE Test Locations

The GRE  is conducted in authorized test centers in over 160 countries worldwide. The test is available in computer-based and paper-based formats. When you register for the GRE, you have to choose the country, location and the test center. With the availability of many test centers, you may have confusion on how to choose the best test location/center. This article will help you understand 5 essential features of  locations where the tests are held, that you must consider while making a choice.

1. Where to Find the Available GRE Test Locations?

Go the ETS website ( to choose the location where you wish to take the test. When you make your choice among the available test locations, you will be able to check the test format and testing dates available for your choice. The GRE format you can take depends on the test location you choose.

2. How to Choose the GRE Test Locations?

You can select the test location of your choice from the ETS website ( When you have to choose the test location while registering for the test, ensure that you choose one of the best test centers for you. The tips given in this article will help you in choosing one of the best testing locations.

3. Tips to Choose the Best GRE Test Locations

  • Choose a Nearer Test Location Choose a test location which is near to your residing place. If you choose a location that is easy to reach from your place, you can elude the hassles of traveling to a distant test location. Moreover, you will be able to reach the test center in time and take the test in a relaxed mood. Hence, you can perform well in the test.
  • Choose a Test Location based on the Test Format you Prefer Some of you may be comfortable with the computer-based test format, whereas others may prefer taking the paper-based format. Hence, choose a testing site out of the available locations that offers your preferred test format.
  • Choose a Test Location based on the Test Date you Prefer The computer-based test is available all through the year in most regions around the world, and 1 to 2 times in certain areas. The paper-based format is offered 3 times in a year at locations where computer-based format is not available. Choose a test location where the test format and test date that you prefer is available.

4. Relation between GRE Registration Methods and GRE Test Locations

GRE registration can be done using four different methods: Online, Phone, Mail and Fax. Most of the GRE examination locations allow registration through online, phone and mail. Some regions allow only online registration. Test locations outside the U.S allow fax registration in addition to the other three registration methods. To know more details about the different GRE registration methods available for the different test locations, you can refer to the ETS websites , which are as follows: and

5. Can I Change the Registered GRE Test Location?

ETS allows you to change the registered test location before the registration deadline date. In order to change the test location, you have to contact the GRE program or Regional Registration Center.

It is important that you choose a center that is convenient and flexible for you. You must be aware of the procedures and regulations followed at the GRE test locations before taking the test. To know about the test location procedures and regulations, you can refer to the ETS website ( Whatever may be your choice of the test center, ensure that you prepare well if you want to get a better score. Moreover, make sure you carry all the required things with you to the test center on the day of your GRE test.

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