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Sources of Help for GRE Test

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) requires to be prepared for with utmost dedication and commitment. You must put in a good deal of effort in order to gain competence in all the sections of the test for scoring high. It assesses your abilities through three different sections and they include Analytical Writing section, the Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning sections. The three sections of the test assess a variety of your skills. This article provides you with some tips and sources for preparing well for the test.

Importance of GRE Preparation

There are many test help resources available online. However, you should know the importance of  preparation. The questions that appear in the test are not straight-forward questions and are very much different from the ones that we may have practiced throughout our academic studies. The questions in test are twisted and require you to apply your wit to solve them. Furthermore, solving the questions is not all; you should solve the questions within the allotted time which is possible only with guided help and rigorous practice on your part. Hence,  preparation is quite essential for your success in the exam. There are many sources of obtaining  help in order to gain competence in all the  aspects. You must follow your  help program in a disciplined manner and should practice all the different types of questions that appear in the test.

Sources of Help for GRE Test

GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The ETS maintains an official website which is the place where you can get all the test related information. Refer to this link to visit the official website: Furthermore, at this official site, there is a lot of other help that you can avail. You can find detailed information regarding all the questions types, test structure, test registration and dates etc. You can also find sample questions pertaining to each section. You can also purchase official help books and study materials right from the official website.

Apart from the official website, there are many other sources of help online. There are many websites that provide you with free test papers, tips and strategies practicing which you can perform well in the test. Further, if you wish to prepare for the exam online, you can even subscribe to an online preparation course. Mentioned below are links to some free sources of  help where you can get support in the form of test papers and test tackling tips:,,

Although practicing from free sources of help is fine, subscribing to a paid online course would be of much more help. Visit the following links to find more information on online preparation courses:, ,

Tips on How to Prepare for GRE

If you attend a training institute, you will be given all the required study materials and tips to be followed in order to perform well in the exam. The tips listed below will be very useful even if you choose to prepare on your own.

  • For the Quantitative Reasoning section, you will be required to memorize mathematic formulae and concepts. As your preparation classes advance, you will learn how to use many formulae. Start writing all these important formulae at one place. It is advised that you dedicate a separate book for that. When you are free, you can just glance through this book of formulae in order to get them registered in your mind.
  • For the Analytical Writing section, practice is the sole weapon. Read a lot and try to develop new and critical ideas when you find any essay topic. This way, you can gain competence in the writing section.
  • For the Verbal Reasoning section, you should learn key language areas such as tenses and parts of speech. Practice as many questions as you can in order to perform well in this section.

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