Test Fee for GRE

GRE Test Fee Breakup

GRE Test Fee Breakup

While taking the GRE test, test-takers have to pay fees to avail additional services apart from the test fee. Those fee structures are discussed below. Note that the fee structures discussed below are in effect from August 1st 2011.

GRE Test Fees

Standard Testing Fee

For the GRE General Test, the fee is 160 USD in United States, Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In other countries the fee for the General Test is 190 USD. For the Subject Tests, the fee is 140 USD in United States, US Territories and Puerto Rico. In other countries, the test fee is 160 USD.

Late Registration Fee

Late registration begins 7 days before the test date. Late registration is only available to those test-takers who prefer online registration. The fee for late registration is 25 USD.

Standby Testing Fee

Standby testing is only available for Paper-based test-takers. By Standby Testing it is meant that test-takers will register at a test center on the test day. However, availability of opportunity to take the test depends on the available infrastructure and other resources at a particular test center. The  fee for the Standby Testing arrangement is 50 USD.

Rescheduling Fee

Test-takers can reschedule their test 3 full days before the test date. Test-takers in Mainland China can reschedule their test 10 full days before the test date. The fee for rescheduling is 50 USD. If test-takers fail to abide by rescheduling rules, their testing fee will not be refunded.

Test Center Changing Fee

Test-takers are allowed to change their preferred test center by paying a fee of 50 USD. However, availability of test-takers' changed test center preference cannot be ensured.

Scoring Services Fees

Question Answer Review Fee

This service allows Computer-based test-takers of United States, US territories and Puerto Rico to review their incorrect answers from the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning section of the test. Correct answers are also provided. Note that this service is available on selected dates and the fee to avail this service is 50 USD.

Analytical Writing Score Review Fee

This service permits test-takers to request rescoring of their essays from the Analytical Writing section of the test. This service can be availed until 6 months after test administration. The fee for availing this service is 55 USD. Written requests have to be sent by mail.

Paper-based GRE Hand Scoring Fee

Through this service test-takers can request hand scoring of their Verbal Reasoning and the Quantitative Reasoning answers of the test. Test-takers can apply for this service until 6 months after the test administration. Requests for this service have to be sent by mail and the fee for this service is 30 USD.

Score Reinstatement Fee

ETS allows test-takers to cancel their scores at the end of the test. However, if test-takers want to reinstate those scores later, they can do so by paying 30 USD as the fee.

Other Scoring Services Fees

Test takers have to pay 12 USD for obtaining scores through phone. Test-takers will be charged 23 USD per recipient for sending Additional Score Reports (ASR). Note that the above mentioned fees are applicable for Subject Tests too and they are similar to both General Test and the Subject Test except for the GRE Subject Test administration fee.

Fee Reductions

ETS states that it is committed to make the test affordable to all aspiring students. Hence, ETS offers some Fee Reduction Certificates. Eligible college seniors and college graduates who are not enrolled in any graduate school can avail this facility. Those test-takers have to pay half of the test fee. Also, the Fee Reduction Certificates can be used once; additionally taken tests will be charged fully. Fee Reduction Certificates are also available to those test-takers who are unemployed and who confirm that they are receiving unemployment compensation.

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