Test Dates for GRE

Any one can apply for GRE, as there isn't any sort of limitation on those who wish to appear for the test. No sort of qualification or age limit is imposed upon the candidate. The scores are valid up to five years from the date of issue of the test score.

GRE Test Dates

The test is conducted all round the year and there are no particular test dates. A candidate can opt for any test dates according to his convenience and he also has the freedom to choose the test center as well as the time which suits him the best.

As the tests are conducted in most cities across the world, the candidate can select any city that suits him. The candidate can select any testing date as it can be conducted any day from Monday to Friday and is held two times in a day. Though the test is conducted all year round, the rush for the dates is most during September to December. As maximum number of candidates desire to take this exam from September to December, it is for sure that the dates between these months will fill up as quickly as possible.

So, if the test taker wants to book his date for any day between September to December, he should get the registration done at the earliest. If he doesn't act quickly and get the booking done at the earliest, it is for sure that he will not be able to get the  date, center and time of his own choice. He might be left with no other choice, but to choose for such test dates and centers that might be far away from his home.

Educational Testing Service does the bookings for the dates. As compared to earlier times, some changes have been introduced in GRE format since September 2007. From September 2007 onwards, there has been a difference in the test dates. Earlier the dates were available on any day throughout the year, there were no fixed days for conducting the test, it used to be held on any date, but now there are 30 fixed dates in a year.

Information Related to GRE Examination Dates: Registration

The exam dates for computer-based test can be booked all year round and the candidate can ask for only one date in a month for the general examination dates. For booking the exam dates, it is necessary to get the registration done. The registration for the dates can be done online and for that the candidate will have to pay the exam fee through a credit card. It will take at least three working days for the exam dates registration to be processed after which the candidate will receive a confirmation page on which his registration number will be printed.

The exam cancellation request will be taken into consideration only if the candidate submits the application ten days prior to the examination date. For rescheduling the  dates, the candidates must send the requests to the authorities at least ten days prior to the scheduled exam dates.

Before the candidates submit the  registration forms, they should study the terms and conditions properly.

GRE Testing Date: Fee

The testing fee varies from region to region. It has to be paid in US dollars only. The candidate can choose from the various payment options that are available to pay the fee for the exam date. He can pay through credit cards, drafts, money orders, certified cheque's or even pay through UNESCO coupons. There is no hard and fast rule that the credit card that the applicant uses for paying the  fee should be his own.

The student will have to pay an extra sum of money if he wants to get his testing date rescheduled. The waiver will be accepted only if the applicant is financially weak.

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