The test date for GRE is a date that is awaited as well as dreaded at the same time for different reasons. It is awaited because you have been preparing for this day since long. You are anxious about how the test is going to be and are excited to do your best. On the other hand, the date is dreaded by most of the students. The reason behind this behavior can be the uncertainty about the way the test would turn out. You dread a situation where you might not be able to perform in the test, resulting in a poor score. Your admission in a college is determined by the score you get in the test, which in turn becomes a deciding factor of your future. Thus, the test date brings with itself a whole lot of mixed feelings and anxieties.

Since this date is very important, you have to be careful and do your best on that day. In order to make the date a memorable one for all the good reasons, you should keep in mind very minute details, which can eventually help in shaping up your future. However, before that you must know all the important facts about the test date.


The test is conducted throughout the year in the US. It can be expected during the first three weeks of the month. It is conducted during normal working hours on these days. In some locations, the test is conducted on weekends as well.

Different GRE Test Dates

Out of the computer-based and the paper-based tests, the computer-based general test is available throughout the year, whereas, the paper-based test is available only twice a year. You cannot choose more than one test date in a single month. In addition, you can take this test not more than 5 times in a period of 12 months. This includes the test for which you may have cancelled the scores. That means, you will not be granted another date if you have already appeared for the test 5 times in a year, even if the scores of one of the tests have been cancelled by you.

Registration for the Test

Registration for the test is open up to the day before the test. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the center and the date of your choice in the end. This is because the seats available for a particular date and center get filled up with time and it is likely that if you are late for registration, all the spaces get filled up.

If you register well before the test date, you can choose a center of your choice. If you do not register well in time, you might be forced to choose a center that is too far away. It is observed that most of the test takers prefer to take the test between September and December. If you wish to take the test during this time, you must make it a point to register early.


The selection of a  date should be done cautiously. You should make up your mind about the testing date that you want at the time of registration. In case you are not sure of the date and get it changed or canceled later, you will have to pay the price for it. That is why you should be sure of the date that you choose before registering for it.

You must choose a suitable test date that is neither too close nor too far.  should be such that it gives you enough time for preparation. That means you should have enough time before the test in order to prepare well for it. If you choose a test date that is very close, you will not be able to study and revise for the test up to your satisfaction. You should decide how long you can take to prepare and revise for the test and choose a test date accordingly. The date chosen by you should also not be too far. It is natural to lose interest in something that is repeated time and again. That is why if the test is too far away, you might get fed up of preparing the same things again and again.

It should be of utmost importance. You should avoid any other commitments till the test approaches. The date should also not clash with any other events. This should be kept in mind in order to avoid cancellation and postponement of the date.


The preparation for the test is specific. You get into the spirit of preparation once you choose a  date. You can plan the preparation strategy and make a timetable to manage the time you have in your hands. You should plan in such a way that you get enough time for preparation. You must revise what you have learnt on a daily as well as a weekly basis. The days just before the test  should be given to practicing mock tests.

In case you feel that you are not able to prepare on your own, or you are not able to manage your time, you can opt for one of the various methods of preparation. You have coaching classes, tutorials, books, online preparation centers etc. that have a variety of courses to offer that suit your needs. These courses are designed to make the best of your time. You have full-length preparation courses as well as short crash courses. These courses are designed in order to fit into the time you have before the test. However, it is best to start preparing for the test about 2 to 3 months before the date.

The preparation for the test also includes preparation for the day of test. Just studying in order to answer the questions correctly is not enough. You need to keep in mind other issues as well that go a long way in deciding how the day of the test is going to turn out for you. Issues like keeping your test ticket and identity proof may sound trivial, but they are of utmost importance. You should keep all the things you require like pencils etc. ready beforehand. You should also fix up the means to reach the center in advance. In addition to it, you must make sure that you are well rested before the test. For this you must take a good nights sleep and also have a good breakfast. Keeping all such things in mind, you will surely be free of any last minute hassles that can cause delay and confusion.

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