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7 Things You Need to Know about Your GRE Test Center

The GRE revised General Test is one of the most widely accepted admission tests for graduate programs around the world, today. Conducted by ETS, the test is administered many times round the year in over 700 test centers across 160 countries. Depending on the test location and the facilities at your test center, however, the format of the test may vary - either computer-based or paper-based test. In addition, the dates of the test may also change depending on your center. If you are planning to take the revised General Test, it is essential that you are aware of the policies and procedures of the test, well in advance. Here is an article listing some of the essential facts, focusing on the test-center specific details.

GRE Test Centers and Dates

As mentioned earlier, the revised General Test is conducted in over 700 test centers around the globe. The computer-based version is administered round the year; however, the paper-based version is conducted only a limited number of times in specific test centers where the computer-based test cannot be administered. Here is a list of seven essential facts that you need to know about your test center.

  1. Different Test Versions - Depending on the facilities available at your test location, the test version may vary. You may check the test version available at your preferred location online (http://www.ets.org/bin/getprogram.cgi?test=gre).
  2. Test Registration at Different Locations - For most test locations or centers, you may register online using your My GRE Account (https://mygre.ets.org/greweb/login/login.jsp?WT.ac=gre_revised_r_btn). Depending on the version of the test, you may also register over phone, by mail or by fax (for outside US test centers). However, you cannot register online for test centers in Nigeria. In Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea test centers, you cannot register for your revised General Test over phone, by mail or by fax. You can only avail online registration option for these test locations.
  3. Test Dates at Different Locations - Different locations offer different dates for the revised General Test. Lists of test dates for US-based and outside-US test centers, for both the versions of the test are available online (http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register/centers_dates/). You may note that not all the centers are open on all the days of the year.
  4. Different Testing Deadlines - For the paper-based version of the test, the testing deadlines may vary depending up on the test locations. For example, for the Feb 11, 2012 test date, the regular registration deadline was Jan 06, 2012 in US and Puerto Rico locations, while it was December 30, 2011 for all other locations.
  5. Test Cancellation or Schedule Change at Different Locations - Depending on your test location, the rules for schedule change or cancellation may vary. For example, for most locations, you may cancel or change a scheduled test, at least three days prior to the test date, excluding the days of the request and your scheduled test. However, in the Mainland China test centers, you need to submit the request ten days before the scheduled date.
  6. Varying Test Score Reporting Timelines - The score reporting timelines may vary depending on your test center or location and the test format. Before selecting a test date at a paper-based testing location, you need to look at the score reporting timelines and then choose a date.
  7. Early Registration for Getting a Preferred Date - It is recommended that you register in advance, so that you can get a seat reserved on your preferred date at your preferred test center.

Computer-based Testing

Though the computer-based test is administered many times a year, it is to be remembered that the seats are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. You may not get your preferred test center or date, if you register very late. Here are a few important pointers concerning test centers to be considered while you register for the CBT:

  • To register to test in the US test centers, you may apply online, by phone or by mail. For international testing, you may register online, by mail, by fax or by phone, depending on your test location. For example, in Mainland China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you can only register online and by not any other means.
  • When registering for an outside-US test center, you will receive a confirmation number, test center address and the time to report.
  • When registering by mail or fax, in outside-US test centers, you will given a test date and center based on the availability. If the test date is not convenient for you, you may contact the relevant Regional Registration Center within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation.
  • You may receive your score after 10-15 days of taking your test. Scores can be viewed online, as well, with your My GRE Account.
  • You may find all computer-based test centers (US and international) online at: http://etsis4.ets.org/tcenter/. On this page, you may locate your nearest US center by entering your zip code.
  • For a list of all computer-based test centers in Mainland China, you may visit: http://gre.etest.net.cn/.
  • You may also check the comprehensive list of all CBT GRE revised General Test centers available at: http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/gre_cbt_dom_intl_rrc_china_etc.pdf.

Paper-based Testing

In most locations, the revised General Test is administered as a CBT; only in certain locations with no or limited computer accessibility, the test is administered in the traditional, paper-based format.

This test is available in two different versions, based on the facilities available at the test locations; however, both the versions of the tests are standardized and calibrated to make up for any differences in the format, and to maintain the reliability and credibility of the testing system. So, despite your  location, you may, without any doubts, completely rely on the objectivity of this test and the system for international admissions.

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