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If you want to score well in the GRE, you need to gather information about test in totality. You need to know about the test pattern, test registration, test fee, test centers, test preparation techniques etc. Complete information is the key to success in the test.

GRE Test Fee:

The fee for the test varies from place to place. The preferred form of payment of fee for computer based test is via a credit card such as Master card, Visa etc. The candidate can also get his test fee deposited through a money order, voucher or through a certified cheque. For the paper based test, the student can pay via a credit card, voucher, money order or through certified cheque. The payment for the paper based test can be made through UNESCO coupons or Western Union.

If the fee for the test is being paid by cheque, then the particular bank's name and address should be preprinted on the front side of the cheque. The cheque number should also be printed on it. The candidate's name and address must be included on it and the cheque should not be more than 90 days old. If the candidate does not include the exact test fee, then his registration for the test fee will be returned back. The test fee will include all types of taxes wherever applicable. No sort of refund will be made for the additional services charged along with the test fee. In case the candidate does not pay the fee, then the services will be withheld. Test fee should be made in full, it must contain correct numeric and written money amount.

The candidate can apply for test reduction voucher, but these vouchers are allotted on a first come first served basis. In case, he wants to get his registration for the test cancelled, he will get the test fee refund that will be equal to half of the actual test fee.

GRE Test Registration:

Registration can be done at the test centers. The candidate can get himself registered for the test by mail or opt for online  registration. The student should get the registration done at the earliest so that he can receive his free preparation material at the proper time and so that he gets enough time to prepare for the test.

Repeating GRE Test:

The candidate can reappear for any test subject more than once if he is not satisfied with his test scores and thinks that he has the potential to perform much better. Before reappearing for the test, the candidate should keep in mind that there is no sure shot guarantee that if he reappears for a particular test subject, then his test score will shoot up considerably, it can happen the other way and his score can also go down. The candidate can take the test for any subject as he wishes to.

Change In GRE Test Date:

The candidate can get his test date cancelled or changed, but he has to get it done at least 10 days before the appointed date. The candidate can mail his test date change request, can call or write to the concerned authorities. The candidate can apply for change of test center, but he will only be accommodated if the center has any vacant seat.

Thus, the test is conducted to test whether the candidate possesses the qualities that are required by the universities and colleges to grant admission into the various graduate courses.

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