Study Material for GRE Preparation

How to Select GRE Study Materials

Almost everyone who takes the GRE needs to prepare for it. Although the GRE tests the knowledge and skills that you acquire during school, you still need to dedicate time for preparation that is specifically directed at the test. There are many different types of study materials available, but you need to choose the ones that you need and which will actually help you to score well in the test.

A traditional study material is a preparation book. Books are, even now, a popular and effective way to prepare for the test. You can get a single book that explains all sections and question types of the test. Try to select a book that also contains a sufficient number of practice questions, in which case, you may not need another book. The number of practice tests that is sufficient, varies from one person to another. When you are consistently scoring near your target scores, you are ready to take the actual test.

Sometimes you may need books that target a specific area of the test. For example, if you are experiencing difficulties with the Quantitative Reasoning questions, you can include a book on this section in your collection of study materials. Many students, whose first language is not English, find the Verbal Reasoning questions, the most difficult of all. You could get a book that explains the meanings of words, their roots, suffixes and prefixes with plenty of examples of their usage.

While selecting any study material, especially books, you must make sure that it is the latest edition. This is particularly important in view of the fact, that there is a revised version of the test available from August 2011. You should also read about the various sections and question types of the test, so that you can assess whether the  material you are using, adequately covers all aspects of the test or not. You can find out details of this test at the official website:

Books for preparation are available in different forms. There are the usual hardback and paper-back hard copies. Many of them can be purchased at low prices, if you are willing to take a used book. For example, 'Word Power Made Easy' by Norman Lewis can be purchased at for as low a price as $0.01.

You can also download ebooks on test preparation. An ebook is just as effective as the hard copy of that book. You can use the following link to download a large variety of books and free of cost:

You can also get free preparation aids from the official website of the test. The site provides sample questions from the different sections of the test. It also provides tips on how to prepare for the GRE. You can also download the POWERPREP II software from the site. With this software you will be able to take a practice test that simulates the actual test. A practice book and other preparation materials are available in a PDF format that you can download. The link that you can use to access all this is:

Another popular study aid is a collection of flash cards. Flash cards are generally used to study vocabulary. One word is usually printed on one side of the card. The other side contains its meaning. Flash cards are an excellent way to revise the words that you have already learnt. You can get free flash cards from the following link:

You could also take an entire preparation course to help you get ready for the test. Preparation courses are available as different types, such as classroom sessions and online  courses. There are online preparation courses available for free, such as the one you can find at the following link:

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