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GRE is not a test of your memory. It is about how well you can process the given information and come out with the answers quickly. This means that you do not require to memorize any fact or information when you go to the exam hall. You should know the exact procedure of your test. Once you have understood the exact pattern of the test along with the individual sections and the types of questions that can be asked, you will find that the test paper looks familiar to you. Knowing the exact test paper pattern beforehand is one of the motivational factors for any exam. So first and foremost you must try to understand the pattern of the exam in great details.

The next thing is about the subject matter. You can form a peer group of your friends to prepare for the test. You can form a group of four to five friends for group study. Group study will help you in a number of ways. This way you can study the concepts pretty fast. Group study can make you learn from others' mistakes. By group study you can have a bank of study books to study from. This will give you a chance to practice from a large set of practice questions.

Your preparation from guides can begin from a sample test paper itself. The performance at this test will indicate you the take off level of yours. Then for next about a couple of months you can study from  guides for all possible question types. Once you have understood all the concepts you can start taking the sample tests under real time constraints. After every test, evaluate your performance and find out your weaker areas. Focus on these areas and try to overcome them as quickly as possible. You must solve a sample test paper from your study guides with the aim of improving on your previous test scores. Lastly, never stick to your books till the day of your actual exam. Keep your study guide aside the day prior to your actual exam and just relax.


A competitive exam like GRE needs special preparation. Thousands of applicants try to join the US universities for graduation or post graduation. Application to these universities depends only on the GRE merit. So aiming for the top scores in the exam is the only option left to you. A proper study guide can assist you in correct planning and focused study. So get hold of your GRE books today.

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