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The GRE test helps test takers provide educational institutions and universities with an evaluations of their skills and knowledge required to take up further studies. The test has three main sections of Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Each of these sections is timed and a test taker is expected to complete the test sections within the allotted time limit. Detailed information about the test is available on the official website at In order for you to be able to prepare for the test you will need to understand information about the test content and its structure. This will help you study for the test better as you will be familiar with all aspects about the test. One method of preparing for the test is through the use of study books. It helps a test taker to understand the test content and structure as well as learn new concepts and study for the test. Some books also provide test takers with tips and strategies to take the test as well as mock tests so a test taker can practice different questions types that are on the actual test. You will find below, information for comprehensive study.

1) New GRE 2011-2012 Premier

This is one of the study books available for test preparation. The book is offered by renowned coaching company "Kaplan" and it aims at coaching a test taker for the test. This also happens to be one of the few books that come with a CD-ROM. The book features 400 practice questions, detailed reviews for each section of the test, test taking tips and strategies and answers to the practice questions. The test taker is also provided with 5 mock tests which are in the book and an additional mock test which is to be taken online. To read information about this book visit

2) Cracking the New GRE, 2012 Edition

This is one of the books available from The Princeton Review. The book contains a thorough review of every section of the test. This means that you will have explanations and examples of every section and question type on the test. It also gives you a host of practice questions which ensures that you are familiar with the test content. After you have finished preparing for the test from the preparation book you can choose to take 4 full-length mock tests so self-evaluate your competencies. Two of these tests are in the book and the other two are to be taken online. To read additional information about this and other GRE books visit

3) Barron's New GRE with CD-ROM, 19th Edition

This is yet another one of the study books which aim at thoroughly preparing a test taker for the test. The book contains a review for all the sections of the test and also explains each and every question type along with model answers to the questions. It provides the test taker with one full-length mock test with a diagnostic review and two mock tests for the test taker's practice. You will find answers to the practice questions on the CD-ROM that is provided with the book. To read more information about this and other  books available on visit What will matter in the end is if you are truly prepared for the test or not. It is a fact that you will need to use reliable and authentic study material for the test. However, your final score will not depend on the study books you have used but on the amount of dedicated effort and time you devote to sincerely preparing for the test.

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