Study Book for GRE

How to Select a GRE Study Book?

There are many ways of preparation for the GRE. Whatever method you choose, a good study book is a must. Even if you join for a coaching class, books are very important. There are many good books available in the market today. Careful reviewing of each book is essential before you buy one. Buy one or two books for preparation. Too many books may lead to confusion as the methodology to solve problems used in each of the book may be different. The following points may help you to choose the right study book,

  • Check if the book is published by a good publication and has good reviews
  • Check if the book offers what you want - Some students may require a comprehensive book while some may require specific books that will improve a particular skill set.
  • Check if the book gives you practice tests
  • Check if online access to practice tests and test review is available
  • Check if the book gives you tips and strategies to take up the GRE
  • Check the cost of the book

Some of the best study books are discussed here.

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test by the educational Testing Service

This book is from the makers of the exam itself. This is a comprehensive book. It covers all the question types of the test. Real test questions and answers to these questions are included in the book. A CD-ROM is also provided on purchase of this book and there is an actual test in the CD-ROM. Strategies and tips for a high score are an added feature of this book. All the topics of the test are covered in this book. Old and new books are available at

Barron's New GRE: Graduate Record Examination with CDROM

The changes in the new format of the test (starting from August 2011) have been incorporated in this latest book from the Barron's. Review to all the question types is included in this book. A diagnostic test and 2 full-length mock tests are also a part of this book. Answers and explanations to all the questions are given for the mock tests. Description of the new format of the test and useful tips and strategies to use in the test are given as separate chapters.

New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice, and Review from Kaplan

All that is required to get a high score in GRE, like information about the test, test-taking strategies and practice questions are available in this book. It also contains 2 full-length practice tests. Practice questions for all the sections of the test are also provided. Answers with detailed explanations are an added advantage in this book.

Cracking the New GRE, 2012 Edition from The Princeton Review

This book from The Princeton Review, reviews all the topics of the test. 4 full-length tests are made available when you buy this book. 2 are in this book and the other 2 can be accessed online. There are practice questions for all the topics and answers with explanations are given to all these questions. Important strategies for solving the different types of questions of the test are also given.

There are many more books available but the above are the most sought after books. More books are available from the same publishers as well. The above reviewed books are all comprehensive books. Individual subject books and flash cards for improving vocabulary are also available and prove to be very effective.