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You will require some amount of  help to be able to complete your study successfully and in time. This help can be obtained from all sorts of sources. You can search the Internet for web sites of use. You can ask friends for guidance and  help. Even sharing of books can be a great help for you. You can approach your teachers for  study help. Even those who have previously appeared for the test, irrespective of their score, can be approached for  study help. There is ample  help provided at coaching institutes as well.

Analytical Section

The Analytical section consists of two parts, the first part is the issue task and the second part is the argument task. Each task is timed for 30 minutes. This section measures your ability to express your views clearly and effectively. Study for this section would require you to read about a large number of topics and then develop arguments both in favor and against of the issues. In the issue task you have a lot of flexibility where you can give your views in favor or against the argument. However, in the argument based task you have to critically examine somebody else's argument. The AW (Analytical Writing) section is the first part of the test. For each essay, you will be given a single topic to write about.

Verbal Section

The Verbal section of GRE is organized to test your knowledge about the English language. You should concentrate on improving your comprehension skills , abilities to recognize the spatial relationship between words and sentences, skills of forming structural sentences, etc. New types of questions are included in the Verbal section. A part of the POWERPREP II software also consists of verbal practice tests. You should also brush up your basics of English grammar as they will be very useful for answering questions in this section. Good knowledge of English grammar will be very useful in certain types of questions like sentence completion etc.


In this section, you will be required to use your basic knowledge of the school level mathematics. You should revise your concepts of algebra, geometry and arithmetic and use them for data interpretation. The Quantitative section is more about practice as the more you practice the more are the chances of your getting a high score. Once you have revised your basics you should solve a large number of problems and develop techniques to answer them quickly. There are new questions included in this section. Data Analysis is also included in the form of tables, graphs, pie charts, etc. There are 4 types of questions which are,

  • Comparative questions.
  • Questions with a single answer.
  • Questions with multiple choice answers.
  • Questions with numerals as answers.

An onscreen calculator as well as an ETS calculator are provided during the course of the Quantitative Section.

The GRE is a competitive test and any time saved in the questions which you have practiced can be used for difficult questions or questions that would have surprised you. The  test is user-friendly where you can edit answers and it is of a longer duration.

Though there are a large number of books and guides available for the study, it is recommended that if you take guidance using the study material provided by the official ETS web site, then you get to do the study as per the organizers of GRE. This may help you get ready for the real test. Nonetheless, it is clear that only focused and well planned  study can get you a high score in GRE.

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