How to Signup for GRE

GRE Signup Checklist

Thousands of people around the world take this test. It helps them provide educational institutions with an evaluation of their skills so as to make admission applications. Administrative authorities of such institutions are able to compare admission applications on grounds of proficiencies proven through the test scores. The test reports scores to test takers in three main sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. You are advised to study for the test with determination from day one so you are well prepared for the test by the actual test day. The official website gives prospective test takers all necessary information about the test including registration, fees, testing dates and centers and test content and guidelines. This article will help you with a signup checklist so that you can easily understand how to sign up for the test.

There are official instructions about how you are supposed to sign up for the test. To read more about the test visit An amalgamation of all the important information helps us prepare the following GRE signup checklist for the test. Before you decide about the signup you should ensure that:

  • You have read all of the information pertaining to the test
  • You have selected an appropriate testing date
  • You have the correct information about the types of test (paper or computer-based), testing fee and registration method
  • You have the necessary material and prescribed amount to pay the testing fee

All of the above information will help you in your sign up process. A detailed explanation about the requirements is available below. It will help you understand what exactly you will need for your signup process and why you will need it.

About Looking for Testing Dates and Centers

This test is conducted through dedicated testing centers around the world. Test takers are allowed to register through the internet, mail or over the phone. Different locations offer different methods of registration. Your method of signup will also depend upon which test format that is administered in your location. To read detailed information about test signup visit the official website at Those that choose the online process will be required to create a "My GRE Account". In order to find out if your location administers the computer-based test or the paper-based test visit

About Making Payments towards Test Registration

There are various methods of making a payment for your test. These include paying your testing fee through certified checks, vouchers, money orders or through a valid credit/debit card. You can choose the mode of payment that is most suitable to you if it is offered for your method of registration. All fees are listed in US dollars and hence the remittance must amount to its equivalent. Important information and guidelines about how to cancel your signup and avail of a refund is also available on the official website. You should carefully read the terms of refund so you do not face any inconvenience. To read more about the same visit

The ETS (Educational Testing Service) also provides special accommodations for test takers with disabilities. Detailed information about what such test takers should do is available at Lastly you should ensure that you have purchased reliable and good quality preparation material after your registration process. This will help you prepare for the test and teach you concepts and tips and strategies on effective test taking. This will also help you get used to completing the entire test paper within the specified time limit with minimal mistakes. A good effort on your part will take you a long way and reward you with good scores on the test.

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