Scoring Rules for GRE

Scoring rules of GRE mention that the scores of the test for a candidate have to be accumulated before they are reported. Another scoring rule is that the scores of a candidate shall be preserved for five years.

Scoring rules state that all the test scores of a candidate in the five year time period are sent to the institutes he wishes to send his scores to. Besides, the candidate can choose if he wants to send his general scores, subject scores, AWA scores or any of them.

The scoring rules state that for up to six months from the exam date a candidate is entitled to review his AWA scores. The review of the scores shall be mailed to the candidate within 4 weeks. The candidate can even ask for a fresh score in case his review results in a lower or a higher score.

According to the scoring rules a candidate can ask for his verbal and quantitative sections' scores till six months. The student will require to submit some money in the form of fee and a request including the details of name, DOB, test date etc.

GRE Test Scoring Report:

An additional score report can be requested for by mail or through the telephone. You can download the form for requesting an additional score report from the official web site. For this service also a certain amount of money has to be submitted in the form of fee. This fee can vary from place to place. Ten days are required for the additional score report to be sent.

For a faxed request to be accepted, the payment has to be made through a credit card. There can be no change, cancellation or refund of fee once the request has been made.

Even a phone call can serve the purpose. For this, the candidate shall have to submit complete information about his registration to confirm his identity.

GRE Scoring Percentile:

Another method of determining the academic abilities of a candidate is comparing his  percentile. It is easier to make a comparison through the  percentile and most authorities look at this score before considering any other score.

The score percentile ranges from 0 to 99. This percentile given an idea of how capable the candidate is in comparison with others and hence they decide whether or not to admit him to their institute.

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