Scores of GRE

What Is the Importance of GRE Scores?

Taking the GRE

If you are thinking about studying in a good graduate school, you will have to take the GRE as it is one of the admission requirements in colleges that are offering the general graduate programs. Needless to say, if you wish to get into a good college, you need to impress the admission department with a high score in this exam. This is the reason why experts always advise candidates to get good scores in GRE so that they will benefit. If you have decided on few colleges where you would like to study in, you should find out the scores that the graduate schools consider for admission purpose. This will give you a good idea about how much you should aim for during the examination. The test has undergone some major changes in the recent time to reflect the kind of thinking that is required and relevant to the business schools.

Why GRE Scores Are Important?

  • Test scores are important mainly because the graduate schools will consider them at the time of admission. If you get a low score, then your application may not even be considered by the university or college that you have applied to.
  • Another advantage of getting a high score is that the admission department of the university will be able to give you priority. They receive a lot of applications and they can get a better idea as to which students to accept and which ones to reject by referring to the test's scores.
  • Getting a good score will help you identify whether or not you have it in you to study the program that you are so keen to enrol in.
  • You will also feel satisfied knowing that the hard work you have put into the preparation for the test has paid off when you get a good score.

What Makes a Good GRE Score?

If you are planning to take the test, you may be wondering what score is considered to be good so that it will be possible for you to get admission into a popular graduate school. Do keep in mind that for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections, the scaled score will range from 130-170. For the Analytical Writing section, the score will range from 0.5 to 6. The scores of the candidates who have been accepted in to the colleges you have in mind are considered to be good. If you want to get admission into a certain college, you need to make sure you know about the minimum score that it is accepting. The highest score you can get is 170, so any score that is nearest to this figure will be considered as good. Do remember that it is important that you get high scores in all the sections and not just one or two sections of the exam. This will ensure that your average overall score will be high.

Keep in Mind...

Each and every candidate wishes to get a high score in this examination but not all of them are able to get what they want because they were not able to prepare well for the test. Just like any other examination, it is important for you to work hard if you want to get high scores in all the sections. Ideally, it will be a good idea if you can spend two to three months preparing for it. If you think that you can get a good result by just studying for few weeks, then you are mistaken. You need to know about the test in detail and you also need to practice on a regular basis so that you will be able to work on all the questions in the best possible manner. There are also many books and courses dedicated to this test, which you can consider checking out. These are options that you can consider if you wish to study at home. On the other hand, if you want to prepare for the test by joining a local coaching class you will also find many options available.

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