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Minimum GRE Score Required

Different colleges and institutes view the test scores with different perspectives. Some of these colleges have specified the minimum score required in general test while others lay emphasis on the score of one particular section. Some of the institutes are interested in the section wise score of all sections that is required to know your capability specific to all the sections. The minimum marks required by these institutes are not fixed as they vary considerably from one institute to another depending upon various factors like the course or degree being undertaken.

Many of these universities use a combination of the test scores and other marks like undergrad marks or subject test score as an admission criterion. You should make yourself aware of the scores required by the universities or colleges you are planning to join. You may also like to have a look at the scores of students who got admission in these institutes in the previous year. High test scores are essential for the admission to these institutes. Average score of the examinees in the verbal section from 2000-2006 is 465 with a standard deviation of 117, average score of examinees in the verbal section is 584 with a standard deviation of 149, whereas average score of the examinees in the analytical section is 4.1 with a standard deviation of 0.9. This information can be used to get a fair idea of the scoring pattern and it can be compared with your scores in practice tests to know your preparation level.

Validity of GRE Score

You can appear for the test throughout the year on the dates specified by the ETS. The test scores have a validity period of five years, after the expiry of the above period you have to appear again to use the score for admission to the college or university that accepts the scores. You may request for reporting of the scores up to five years after you appear for the test. ETS takes the responsibility of maintaining the details of your score for five years.

Review of the GRE Score

There is a provision for you to request for a review of the analytical writing section on the payment of an additional fee of US $55. This can be done within six months by submitting the additional charges along with a written request and personal particulars. If there is an increase or a decrease in the scores, the new score (lower or higher) will then be reported. Hand scoring for Verbal and Quantitative sections of the paper-based General Test is available up to six months after the administration on payment of additional fee of US $30. If the score review process results in a higher or lower score, the new score will be reported.

This score reflects your reasoning ability, verbal and arithmetic knowledge and your ability to use it. The score individually or combined is required by many universities as a part of the eligibility criteria for admission in these institutes. The score in the examination may be used by the college or university as a supplement to your other qualifications.

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