Score in GRE

GRE score is the marks scored by you in the GRE or Graduate Record Examination. This is a test conducted by ETS or Educational Testing Service where your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills are tested. The score obtained in this exam is required for admission to graduate courses in a large number of colleges and universities in different parts of the world. It is a measure of your intelligence, reasoning and its application. The score is reported by ETS to the universities or colleges which you wish to join.

GRE Score Card

The two formats of the test i.e. CBT (Computer-based Test) and PBT (Paper Based Test) have almost similar scoring patterns where the number of correct questions of each question is used to calculate the score in each section. Although both the formats have three sections, one each for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing, there is a little difference in the way the questions are presented to the student in the two formats. CBT is a computer based test and the questions are presented to the student with multiple-choice answers. Research has indicated that the scores obtained in the two formats are comparable; hence, the score card which is sent to the colleges or universities does not have any information on the format of the exam.

Verbal and Quantitative Sections

The questions in both these sections are of multiple choice types. Time is a big constraint in such tests so you should put extra emphasis in this regard. If you wish to score high marks, you should practice hard to develop techniques to save time during these two sections of the test. In the verbal section and the quantitative section, the scores are reported on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increments.

Computer Based Test

In verbal and quantitative sections, scores will depend on the number of questions correctly answered in the time allotted for answering the questions. In this format, both these sections are computer based. The test design is based on friendly and flexible characteristics like: the ability to preview and review potential answers within a section; the ability to change/edit your answers within a section; ”mark and review” feature to skip a question and return to it later; new answer formats like numeric entry; highlighting a sentence in a passage; an on-screen calculator is provided for quantitative section, etc.

Paper Based Test

In Paper Based Test, scoring of the verbal and quantitative sections of the paper-based General Test is done in a different manner. In the first step, score is computed according to the number of questions answered correctly. This score is then scaled using a process called equating. Equating caters for differences in the difficulty among the tests conducted at different times. It actually means that it scales the score to the same level of ability irrespective of the edition of the test.

Analytical Section

Analytical section measures your ability to express your views. It consists of two parts, the first part is the issue task and the second part is an argument based task. In Analytical Writing section for both the parts, an average score is calculated for the two essays. Each essay is examined by two separate examiners and the score is valid only if similar or adjacent scores are obtained. If the difference is more, views of a third independent examiner are taken. In this section, the score is reported on a scale of 0-6 with half point increments.

Reporting of GRE Score

You are required to provide the names and codes of the institutions where you want your official scores to be sent. As mentioned above, ETS conducts and organizes GRE. You are given the facility of sending your scores to the universities or colleges you want to join. This reporting of scores is done free of cost as the payment for reporting the score to four institutes of your choice is included in the registration fee. This is permissible only for four colleges or institutes. You may also apply for an additional report of score on payment of an additional fee of US $23. The name of these institutions can be mentioned at the time of registration itself or they can be communicated later to the test conducting authorities, as the case may be. The test score can also be obtained on phone on payment of US $12. A copy of the printed score card will be posted to you on the address specified by you during the registration. The score can be seen by you online after a fortnight. The score card has the details of the marks obtained by you including the details of the section wise scores.

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