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Quantitative Reasoning

The revised question types can be divided into four broad categories.

1. Quantitative Comparisons: In these types of questions, you will be required to find out a relation between two given quantities. The relation could be that of equality or one of the given quantities could be greater or smaller than the other. If the quantities are not comparable on these grounds you can choose the last option that does not mention any of the above relations.

2. Numeric Entry: In this question type, you will be required to answer in decimals or in integers in a single box or fractions in two separate boxes (for numerator and for denominator)

3. Multiple choice questions – Select one answer choice: This question type is of multiple choice that requires you to pick one out of 5 answer choices.

4. Multiple choice questions – Select one or more answer choices: This question type is of multiple choice type that require you to pick one or more than one answer choices. The bad news is, sometimes you may not be specified how many right answers are available and how many choices you are required to pick.

Data Interpretation: This type of sample question of the test may appear in one or more of the above four question types. This type consist of some data in the form of graphs, charts, tables and diagrams. You are required to interpret this data and answer the questions based on it.

Analytical Writing Section

This is an essay writing section. You are required to write two essays. The two types of essays are classified as follows.

1. Issue Task: Revised test mandates that, in this question you are given a topic. You are supposed to write an essay giving your view regarding the topic and explaining it with logical reasoning. You can give examples to support your view. For example: Children should be taught English before they are taught any other language. Present your perspective on the issue given above, using relevant reasons and/or examples to support your views.

2. Argument Task: In this question, you are given a statement that presents the writer’s view. You are required to critically analyze the statement, explaining it and its validity. However, you are not supposed to give your views regarding the statement.

Sources of Sample Questions

When it comes to hunting for free sample questions, you are not restricted to books alone. Although it is a general perception that books are the most easily available and a vast source of information, there are other resources also which are equally vast and approachable. Thus you can choose from a variety of sources in order to obtain free sample questions.

The most widely used and modern resource today is the Internet. You have many web sites that have free  questions. The official web site of ETS, is the most authentic web site of them all. In fact, it is considered enough for all kinds of information regarding the test. The official web site also contains special software called the POWERPREP, which is designed for the purpose of preparing for the test. It also includes free samples to facilitate practice of the same. Other web sites that include free  questions are,,, etc.

You can find a bank of sample questions in coaching centres also. These centres give a lot of practice to the students in their classes. Books like Primer Program by Kaplan provide a combination of test-taking strategies and the latest technology through which you can get additional sample questions every month. You can also get CD-ROMs for the same purpose. You can get books that have specific questions of a particular section. For example, GRE CAT: Answers to the Real Essay Questions, 2nd edition, by Arco, Kaplan Math Workbook, sixth edition by Kaplan and The Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT and SAT, by Lighthouse Review.

Free sample questions of the test facilitate the preparation for the test to a great extent. Not only are you better prepared but you also gain confidence, which changes the way you perceive the test on the whole.

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