Review Course for GRE

Pros and Cons of Depending on a GRE Review Course

The Revised General Test or GRE is taken by students all over the world for securing admission in graduate and business schools. By taking this test, an individual is able to demonstrate his/her eagerness to pursue graduate studies. The content of the test also reflects the ability of the test takers to consider academic courses at graduate level. The test is administered in the following two formats:

  • Computer-Based Tests: These tests are conducted online at regular intervals throughout the year.
  • Paper-Based Tests: These tests are conducted in those locations where the computer based tests are not offered to the candidates and they are held thrice each year in October, February and April.

This test is offered in as many as 700 locations all over the world that are spread across 160 countries.

Test Sections

It is the most widely recognized graduate admission test that is taken by students from different educational backgrounds. The test contains the following three sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing

Pros and Cons of Depending on a GRE Review Course

GRE is taken by numerous students throughout the world as this is the only standardized test that allows them to continue with their studies at graduate level in the US or other English-speaking countries. It is natural therefore, that the level of competition in this test is high enough and only those students achieve success who are able to take these tests with the correct approach. While there is no dearth of preparation materials that can be used by the test takers, a review course for GRE is considered most appropriate by many GRE aspirants. Let us consider some pros and cons of depending on a review course:

Pros of GRE Review Course

  • A course is undoubtedly useful for preparation of the test, and the choice of a course should depend on personal requirements and the aptitude of each student.
  • A reputed review course can help the students perform consistently well in this examination.
  • The contents of a course are regularly updated and the teaching instructors undergo regular training sessions. In other words, the review courses are designed to bring out the best in each student.
  • The primary objective of a  course is to help the students to prepare for the tests with a definite approach and assist the average performers to fulfill their academic goals. Most of these courses are designed by experts so as to enable the students to improve their scores and achieve their goals.
  • As far as preparation is concerned, review courses help the test takers to get the required assistance for taking this examination that allows them to fulfill their dreams.

Cons of GRE Review Course

  • Although some review courses claim that they offer guaranteed satisfaction when it comes to scores, it is far too good to be true.
  • None of the review courses is designed specifically for average performers who need more support with their preparation. Almost all courses are similar in content and the only difference lies in some features such as audio visual aids or video instructions etc. In other words, the uniqueness of these courses has little resemblance to the practical problems faced by each test taker.
  • The test takers have no other option than to depend on the advertisements of these courses. In short, when it comes to the review courses, it is not possible for GRE aspirants to take trial courses before moving onto the actual preparation options.
  • There is no authority or a governing body to determine the competencies of the courses.
  • A majority of students follow a combination of various preparation methods e.g. books, classrooms, tutors etc based on their convenience. Therefore, it is not easy to determine the proficiency of a particular course that must have helped students to perform consistently well over the years.

Review of GRE Courses

The following GRE courses are well planned and recommended for scoring well in the test:

  • GRE Online by Princeton Review: This course has been designed by experts and allows the students to grab the most while studying at their own pace. The features of the course include 84 hours of video instructions covering all the sections of the test and the official questions, seven full-length practice tests, updated contents through the data released by ETS regularly, feedbacks for the essays in Analytical Writing Section through Live Grader and a complete set of printed materials and workbooks for self studying. For more details, the students can log on to
  • GRE On Demand by Kaplan: In this course, the students can access the video instructions by expert faculty 24x7. The features of this course include seven full length practice tests, access to 5000 test questions, the unique Adaptive Learning Technology, comprehensive prep materials and online access to quiz bank. For this course, the students can log on to
  • GRE Tutoring by Princeton Review is offered to those students who wish to take instructions from a tutor who will help them maximize their potential. The students can choose from Premier Tutors, Master Tutors and Private Tutors based on their requirements. For more information, the students can log on to


A review course is useful for the test preparation, but it will not help a student achieve the target score until he/she is committed to succeed.

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