Review Classes for GRE

The Most Popular GRE Review Classes

Although the test screens for high school level competencies and skills, preparing for the GRE can sometimes be a tough task. Depending upon how well you have your basics prepared and how familiar you are with the test content, you will require anything between 3 to 12 weeks to prepare for the test. The test has three main sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. In order to achieve a high score on the test you must ensure that you are prepared not only for every section on the test, but also for each question type that you may be imposed with. If you are not prepared for the test you stand the risk of blanking out in your mind on the test day due to inability to answer all the questions. Another constraint is that of time. Since each section of the test is timed, you are expected to complete the test within a specified limit.

Review classes for GRE help you re-study all the concepts and literature that is involved in the test. Since you may have already studied these concepts and question types in high school you should be fairly familiar with them. In case you think you do not know any particular part or portion of the test you can simply buy appropriate preparation material or sign up for review classes. This article will give you information about some of the most popular review classes.

a) Barron's Test Prep for GRE

Barron's is well known for its coaching solutions and helping students prepare for various standardized tests. This is one of the classes for GRE you can take from the comfort of your very own home. It involves the use of a computer-software and the internet. You will be able to access an online knowledge-base where you can refer to thousands of pages of study material. This is one of the few classes for GRE that also provide you with diagnostic reports about your progress. This means you will be able to mark areas of improvement while you are studying new concepts. The course also gives you comprehensive information about each section and question type along with tips and strategies to complete the test. To read more information about Barron's classes visit

b) The Princeton Review for GRE

There are various types of classes to suit test taker's needs. Some classes can be taken online whilst others are conducted in the form of a group-setting where you will study with other test takers and learn from each other with the help of a private instructor. The Princeton Review provides a host of review classes to suit the test taker's schedule as well as budgets. In-depth review classes can also be taken up in order to prepare for a particular section or part of the test. Some forms of classes provided by The Princeton Review are GRE Classroom, GRE Live Online, Private Tutoring, and Small-Group Instruction. To read more about these classes visit

c) Kaplan Test Prep for GRE

Like The Princeton Review, Kaplan also provides 360 degree solutions in terms of review classes for GRE. It is up to the test taker to pick which of these  classes suit his needs and he can sign up for one accordingly. Kaplan GRE Classroom-Anywhere is one of the classes that are provided by the company. It gives a test taker online access to study material and videos that explain the concepts on the test. The course also involves live instruction from expert trainers so you can learn from the test. Test takers and instructors interact through the means of chat messages and learning is made much easier through the use of a white-board by the instructor. To read more information about this and other classes by Kaplan visit

Whether you sign up for review classes or not, you will have to work hard to achieve a high score on the test. If you have made up your mind, you should be able to crack the test at the first attempt. Always remember that hard work and dedicated effort take you a long way.