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Should You Depend on GRE Review Books Only

Preparation for any examination begins with the purchase of good study materials. If you are planning on preparing for GRE on your own then you should purchase good review books that will not only prepare you for the examination but also consist of a number of practice modules so that you can understand the stress of an actual examination. These books should also act as your guide and should contain all the recent changes that have been brought about in the examination. To help you with your selection of study materials some features of review books for GRE are discussed in the following section.

Know Your GRE Review Books

Since you will be dependent on your  books for your test preparation, hence they must have a holistic approach towards it. The books that you select should have the following features:

  • The books should give equal importance to all sections of the test. This is important since the score for all 3 sections of the examination will be reported in your score card. So you need to score well in all the sections to ensure that your admission application receives its due importance.
  • These review books should also consist of a number of practice modules. You must learn time management if you wish to fare well in the test and lots of practice alone will teach you that.
  • The books you choose must contain all the changes that have been brought about in the examination post August 2011. You must acquaint yourself with the new format and develop your strategies accordingly. The review books that you buy will help you do so.
  • It is an added advantage if the books you buy come with CD ROMS that provide instructions as to how you should take the practice test. Some books contain tips and strategies which you should learn and apply in the practice tests so that you can take the actual examination more efficiently.

The afore-mentioned list provides the essential features that you should take into account while selecting books. But before you purchase them ensure that you have researched well about them. To help you do so reviews of some test books are given in the following section.

Some GRE Review Books that You can Consider

There are a number of review books available in the market. Some of the better ones are as follows:

  • The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test: As the name suggests, this book is printed by ETS and hence is an authentic guide book for GRE. Since, it has undergone a number of editions you can be assured that it incorporates all the recent changes that have been made in the examination. Some of the other features of this book are as follows:
    • It comprises original questions taken from previous examinations.
    • It comes with a CD ROM which contains an original examination.
    • It contains tips and strategies that will help you to fare well in the test.
    • It also provides other essential information about the test (like the registration process) which will help you understand the examination better.

    If you want a guide book that provides complete information and will help you with the entire GRE preparatory process then you should check out this book. You can purchase this book from the official website or from for $20.42.

  • Cracking the New GRE, 2012 Edition by Princeton Review: This guide book as the name suggests is the latest edition of guide books by The Princeton Review. Hence, it incorporates all the changes made in the examination. This book also contains a number of practice modules to get you acquainted with the time constraints that you will be facing during the test. Moreover, the answers of the practice tests are followed by explanations that clarify the reasons for the answers. Thus, if you want a book that gives you a lot of practice then you could check out this book. You could purchase it from for $13.43.
  • Barron's New GRE, 19th Edition: This book divides the examination into 2 parts, viz, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. It provides exhaustive explanations and discussions on each of the parts. It also contains a number of practice questions to help you prepare for the examination. It comprises 2 full length tests and the answers are followed by explanations to clarify any doubts that might arise regarding the answers. Thus, if you want a book that provides exhaustive material on Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning then you should check out this book. You can purchase this guide book from for $9.78.

The afore-mentioned list will help you develop knowledge of the preparatory books for GRE available in the market. Moreover, before you purchase review books ensure that you have identified your strengths and weaknesses as they will act as pointers to help you select a preparatory book. Finally, select a book that meets most of your requirements and then start preparing for the examination. After all a good guide book is a necessity if you want to fare well in the examination.

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