Kaplan or Princeton? Which GRE Review Course to choose?

How to plan your GRE preparation?

If you want to join one of the finest universities in the US or anywhere else in the world and if that university wants you to take the GRE first, then do not worry. Here are some of the important issues that you must think over while planning your test preparation. It can be prepared in four ways i.e. self study, online course, coaching institute and a private tutor. All these methods have their plus and minus points. In general, most of the students who appear for test take a GRE review course.

GRE Review Course

There are a number of different types of review courses offered by various institutes. There are classroom courses as well as online courses. You can also opt for either a small group tutoring course or a private tutoring type of review course. All these courses are of different durations and have different registration fees. Classroom courses are anytime better as they offer various advantages over the others. A classroom course offers a teacher-student interaction which gives a personal touch to your preparation. One to one interaction with an experienced faculty helps you clarify your doubts and speeds up your preparation. Peer groups in a class give you an opportunity to do group studies where you can learn from the experiences of others. Online courses are also beneficial in many ways as they give you all the convenience to study from your home as per your timings. Most of you would be studying in your undergraduate schools and it may not be feasible for you to attend classes at a coaching institute. In this case an online course is the best option. Also it gives you the option of rushing through easy topics and you can take more time for difficult topics. If you appoint a private tutor for the preparation then you can get complete personal attention and your private tutor can be instrumental in keeping you motivated throughout your test preparation. Some of the preferred review courses are offered by the following organizations:

Kaplan or Princeton Review GRE course

Let us see what to look for in a test review course. Before choosing a preparation course you must check the credentials of the organization offering it. For example Kaplan and Princeton Review both are very well known institutes that offer very good courses for the test. Both of them offer classroom courses, online courses and private tutoring. You can consider all these options while choosing Kaplan or Princeton Review GRE course. You can get a feedback about these institutes about the conduct of their courses, the type of faculty and the number of students accommodated in any class. These parameters are very important to choose Kaplan or Princeton Review course. For example, Princeton Review claims that their classes comprise of only eight students and they offer four full length practice tests. The Princeton Review also claims to have very competent instructors who teach you every concept in depth. Similar claims are also offered by Kaplan.

If you compare Kaplan and Princeton Review course for their study materials and study guides, you will find that the study materials of Princeton Review are easy to understand, interesting and full of pictures. But at the same time they lack the depth of subject areas for which students generally prefer the study guides of Kaplan. Study guides of Princeton Review are better if you wish to quickly finish with the overall subject materials

Lastly, the course fees are an important factor while choosing this course. You can get the latest information if you access the official web sites of these institutes.

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