Registration Fee for GRE

GRE- How Much You Pay and Why

The GRE is a standardized test that measures a test taker's abilities and knowledge that is required to take up education at university level. Test takers from around the globe are able to take the test locally through dedicated testing centers around the world. In order to achieve a high score on the test, test takers are required to diligently prepare for the test for at least two- three months. It is advisable to read all the information available on the official website as it educates you about the necessary guidelines and information you need to know about the test. The website gives you information about the registration fee, how to look for testing dates and centers, test structure and content and other information pertaining to the test. This test is divided into three sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Each of these sections tests the test taker for different abilities and skills. To read more information about the sections and their contents on the test visit In order to read information about the registration fee and other fees for services provided to the test takers visit This article will give you information about how much you pay as registration fee and why.

A. Information about Cost of Taking the Test

The information on the official website prescribes the registration fee for test takers in United States of America, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin islands as $160. Test takers in all other locations apart from the above mentioned ones will be charged a fee of $190. Depending upon the test format (computer-based or paper based) you will be given choices to make the payment of your registration fee. Some of the commonly accepted methods to pay a fee are via credit or debit cards, certified check, money orders or vouchers. Other modes of payment for registration  are also offered. To read more information about the same visit

B. Information on Refunds and Cancellations

It is essential for you to follow proper registration procedures and pay the correct fee in order to be eligible for a refund in case you decide to cancel your registration for the test. You are supposed to inform the administrative authorities three days prior to your test day, excluding the day you make the request and the day of your test, and you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee. The remainder is retained towards charges for processing and holding availability of your test seat. To read detailed information about refund of your fee visit

C. Other Chargeable Services Offered to Test Takers

Those who are taking the paper based test are allowed to make late registrations under certain circumstances. Such test takers that make a late registration are charged an additional $25 over and above their fee. You are allowed to reschedule your test date by paying a fee of $50 extra apart from this fee. Stand-by testing which is permitted to paper-based test takers costs $50 along with the registration fee. Test takers that wish to change their testing center are allowed to do so at a charge of $50. You should go through the information about the various services and fees as provided on the website as it will help you anticipate you total expense towards taking the test including your  fee.

Other services like online evaluations, official study guides, additional score reports and other services are provided by the ETS (Educational Testing Service). Some of these services are free of cost while the others may come with a small price additional to your GRE registration fee.