Why GRE Private Tutoring?

There are quite a few compelling reasons for you to choose private tutoring for GRE. Some of them are listed below:

  • You may not be very sure whether you can complete the syllabus of GRE in the time frame available with you before your next attempt.
  • You can not study in a crowded classroom or for that matter even in a small group.
  • You find some of the sections are really difficult to tackle.
  • You want somebody experienced who can prepare a study plan for you.
  • You want somebody to motivate you throughout your preparation.
  • You want somebody to correct you and clear your doubts quickly without you wasting your precious time searching for the answers.

Types of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring means that an experienced teacher will personally guide you through your test preparation. It can be availed in various ways. There are private tutors who teach you face to face. The other type is where you interact with them online. One will definitely opt for the first type of private tutor. But both these methods have differences in terms of the cost and convenience.

Face to face Private Tutoring

These private tutors are available in almost every country. Coaching institutes like Kaplan, Princeton Review and Test Masters are well known for providing quality teachers as  private tutors for GRE. These teachers are specially trained in imparting instructions to you with the aim of scoring high in the test. In most of the places you may find a separate teacher for a separate section of the test. Each one of them is a master in his field and knows exactly how to prepare and follow the test taking strategies. It is generally scheduled as per your place of convenience and suitable time. Coaching institutes can offer you a classroom or else you can choose any other place like your home. your approach by analyzing your take off level and personality. He may even offer you complete study materials.The tutor teaches you every concept that is required for the test as well as makes you practice solving the sample questions based on it. Once you finish with majority of the portion of a subject, your tutor make you practice solving a test paper. Throughout your preparation he tries to be a constant source of motivation for you. It can be especially useful for you while you take a mock test. He can point out the mistakes you commit while solving the question paper and can make you overcome them. Aptitude tests like the GRE require special test taking strategies to solve maximum questions correctly and speedily. Who can be a better time keeper than your private tutor while you take a mock test?

Online Private Tutoring

Another way of availing this is by online private tutoring. Here the classes are conducted online and using audio-visual aids you can participate in an interactive session with your  tutor. Though it provides you the convenience of studying for GRE, it may become monotonous at times and may not give you a personal feel. However, it is a cheaper option than the face to face  tutoring.

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