Tips for GRE Preparation

Sources for Tips for GRE Prep

The GRE test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service) needs careful preparation and constant practice to get an appreciable score in the test. You can prepare for this test through self-study guides and practice materials or with the help of prep courses. Either one of the options is very important to understand the test pattern and question types. It is recommended that you start the test preparation as early as possible. A 3 to 4 months' preparation plan that allots the first few weeks for learning the lessons and the last few weeks for taking practice tests might be the best choice. This article provides you a few preparation tips that can help in making the best possible preparation for the test.

Preparation Tips if you are using the Self-study Option

A few of the test preparation tips that will be of great use for test-takers preferring the self-study option are as follows:

  • The first task that must be done if you are opting for self-study is to collect as much information regarding the test as possible. In order to make more comprehensive preparation, you must have the complete knowledge of the question types, syllabus, topics and time duration for each section of the test.

  • Know how to schedule the time for preparation, and make the best possible preparation schedule. Know tips on how to manage your time for the successful preparation of each section of the test.

  • Use the best study materials for your preparation. This is one of the most important tips that you must consider.

    • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, The Practice Book for the Paper-based revised General Test, sample questions and answers, practice tests, and tips/strategies, POWERPREP II software given at the ETS website ( will be the best study materials that you can choose.

    • Kaplan's New GRE Premier 2011-2012, The Princeton Review's Cracking the New GRE 2012 and Barron's New GRE, 19th Edition are the other books that are good for GRE preparation.

    • You can refer to the other websites to get free practice tests and questions for all the sections and topics of the test.

  • Consider the preparation tips given in the most reliable websites, such as the ETS website. A few of the reliable sources for tips are as follows:

Preparation Tips if you are using the GRE Prep Course Option

Some of the tips that must be considered if you prefer a preparation course are as follows:

  • Choose the best course that suits you. If you are careful in selecting one of the best courses, you will definitely get useful preparation tips from the tutor of the course. You can consider the following tips for choosing one of the best courses for making effective preparation:

    • Decide whether you want an on-campus or online course.

    • Based on the decision, make a fine search over the Internet to find a list of reputed and reliable training institutes. You can consider the reviews given by the former students of those institutes, and the suggestions given by your friends, relatives and neighbors to choose one of the best institutes from the list.

    • Ensure that you choose a training institute or preparation service that offers a more comprehensive preparation course using the best study materials and teaching techniques at a reasonable cost. Free online courses of good quality are also available for making preparation.

  • Consider the tips given in the following sources to know more about preparation courses:


The tips and suggestions given in this article should help you in making a good and effective preparation for the GRE test.