Preparation Material for GRE

Once you have chosen the preparation material for GRE i.e. GRE books and GRE online study material, chalk out a regular study plan with the help of these materials and start preparing for the test. Along with this prep material, you will also require your high school books to strengthen your fundamentals. Once you are thorough with your basics, a prep material can help you with the advanced topics like probability, quadratic equation, and deviation in your maths section and effective reading methods in the verbal sections. These study materials also help you to learn the strategies and tactics to handle the complicated test questions. Go through the directions for the questions given in the preparation material so that you save your time while taking the exam. The test material will train you to focus more on the early questions as these are harder than the later questions. Therefore, the tact is to be careful and go slow in the beginning of the test.

GRE Material and Preparation

Once you have arranged the material for GRE, set aside a few hours everyday for preparation instead of studying only for a few days before the test. That will give you additional confidence. You should start brushing up your basics with the help of your high school books. Start building up your vocabulary. Go through the word lists given in the preparation material. Learn new words and try to use them in sentences. Use tools like flash cards to memorize new words. Remember as many roots, prefixes, and suffixes of terms as possible. Remember secondary or alternative meanings of a word. Read the whole sentence to guess the meaning of a difficult word.

For your maths test, practice as much as you can. Take the practice tests given in the books and on the online study material of GRE. Practicing makes you perfect. It improves your speed and accuracy. Learn the techniques given in your preparation material to solve the questions in the shortest time possible. You need to practice doing calculations by hand as in the exam you are not allowed to use the calculators. These  materials teach you the elimination method. This process of elimination is a good strategy to narrow down your list of choice.

For analytical writing section, try to write logical and organized ideas on different topics. Go through different essays given in the books and learn tactics on how to structure your essays and try to write timed essays of the test. These materials will help you to clearly introduce your essay and explain how to write a concise and balanced content and a proper conclusion. Try to write your essays in the time frame of 30 - 45 minutes. This section will also involve typing in a computer based test administration. So, if you feel that typing speed is an issue, devote some time to that as well.

Improve your test taking skills by taking verbal, quantitative and analytical writing exercises given in your test material.

Many online sites provide mock tests, take these mock tests to supplement your  preparations. These practice tests prepare you for the test requirements and time management. These practice tests tell you on what questions you spend more time. The more you practice, the better your sense of timing will become. Days before the test, just review what you have learnt. Take a few practice tests.

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