Preparation Guide for GRE

5 Essentials of a GRE Preparation Guide

Studying for the GRE test can become cumbersome if you are not assisted by the correct preparation guide. Your choice of preparation courses or preparation books is integral as your test performance is directly related to it. You must seek for some basic elements in your desired guide such as, comprehensiveness, amount of exercises, tips and strategies, etc. in order to make a well-informed choice. Under the following headings you shall read about some basic components of an ideal prep guide for the test.

1) Information:

One of the first things that should appeal to you about a preparation guide is the information, facts and data you receive from it. This is a major requisite of any preparatory guide for the test as it should contain detailed explanation of the test structure, registration details, test centers, test dates and strategies to follow for preparation. You will need this information in order to understand the test from its core. After all, you will be able to prepare well only when you know all about the exam!

2) Exhaustive Practice Exercises:

This is the next thing to look for in a standard prep guide. The more you practice the test questions, the more you become confident about taking the test and resultantly, brighter are your chances to score high. Rigorous practice exercises for each test section sharpen your skills and ability to answer correctly. Ample practice exercises also steer clear your notions about the question pattern and provide an in-depth analysis of the exam. You will be able to predict the types of questions in the test and hence become more confident to take the exam.

3) Reliable Faculty:

A preparation guide must contain a good set of experienced tutors. These tutors should be able to identify your weaknesses and strengthen your skills. They should focus on your capabilities and treat you individually. Experienced tutors should also have the power to keep you disciplined and dedicated towards your test goal.

Alternatively, in case you opt for self-study with the assistance of books, you must look for proper study plans in these. The books should offer you a unique study routine to follow. They should also contain tips and strategies for reducing your distractions and gradually increasing your study hours. Alongside, they should contain tools to measure your flaws and advices for eliminating the same.

4) Practice Tests:

If you want to score well in the test, your guide must be equipped with enough practice tests. Practice tests are tools to reduce your tension and boost up your confidence about answering the actual test questions. After you take a few of them, your tutor (or you yourself in case of self-study) can track your progress and detect your own shortcomings. Alternatively, you should also look for diagnostic tests in your study guide as they offer an initial evaluation of yourself.

5) Tips for Managing Time:

Managing time is the actual skill that makes all the difference. The test lasts for three hours and forty five minutes. In the computer-based test, you have to solve six sections, with a ten minutes break that occurs after the third section is completed. Hence, you will have to look for time-management tools or tips in your preparation guide.

Ways to Approach the GRE Preparation:

After you choose your study guide, you have to select a proper process or technique to start your preparation. Most of the test-takers start early for GRE preparation as last-minute preparation is not a viable option. Moreover, you must allocate fixed study hours for preparation, taking into account the hours spent in the preparation classes. It is highly recommended that you unplug yourself from your social life and minimize your entertainment. Watching TV or social networking through a computer or frequent hang outs should be limited.

A preparation guide supports your preparation needs and demands, and it necessitates a promising performance in the test. You must remember though, that preparation guides are not like magic, where the waving of a wand would get you a good score. Your hard work and determination are the two main elements without which these study guides are futile. Hence, do not lose your hopes and keep on fighting for the perfect score. For all your study needs, you can always consult the study guides and get the best solutions.