Preparation Courses for GRE

Different Types of GRE Preparation Courses

GRE preparation is very essential for you to score high in the test. Perhaps, GRE is the exam for which the highest numbers of students prepare annually worldwide. There are multi-national companies that train students for realizing their dream of achieving a high score. Here, various types of courses are explained and reviews of some good preparation courses that are currently available are presented.

Different Types of GRE Preparation Courses

There are different types of  courses available currently. Earlier, students used to join good training institutes and prepare for the test. However, with the advent of the internet, students are now opting for alternate preparation courses on the grounds of convenience and feasibility. Broadly speaking, there are three types of  courses in existence. They include: attending any good training institute, preparing for the test by subscribing to an online prep course and preparing on one's own by gathering all the available materials, both online and offline.

As to the question of which courses for GRE are better, it finally depends upon your decision. It depends upon the kind of training and how much training you require. The preparation courses offered by good and established training institutes are often highly preferred to other courses. This is because you can have a perfect environment for one-on-one training from expert faculties. However, some students prefer to have minimal training support from a preparation institute and would like to study on their own. Such students prefer subscribing to an online prep course. In an online preparation course, you can have all the study materials including those in the form of video lectures. Most important of all, online courses cost you much lesser than conventional training institutes. So, finally, it is you who should decide which type of course to choose for your preparation.

Reviews of GRE Prep Courses

Reviewed below are a few preparation courses that you might find helpful for choosing a course. To give you a better understanding, both conventional training courses and the online courses have been reviewed.

Kaplan GRE

Kaplan has by far been adjudged as the best GRE training institute in the world. It also stands first in terms of its business in the educational training industry. So, undoubtedly, it is the leader in providing training to its students. Kaplan offers different kinds of preparation programs from which you can select the one that suits you the most. Different courses with prices ranging between US $500 and US $2200 are available at Kaplan. You can surely find a preparatory course that will fit your budget, timings and any other constraints. Kaplan's preparation books are also very famous and widely preferred worldwide. Hence, you can be quite sure of your success if you get trained at Kaplan provided that you work hard.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is yet another leading prep provider for the test. It is equivalent to Kaplan in terms of preparation standards and you will find it to be very helpful. In fact, this course is a bit more advantageous for the reason that they provide you with a wide range of preparation courses to choose from. Here, there are various options for you to select from. The Princeton Review offers both classroom courses and online courses. Some other unique features like small classroom coaching, personalized training and local tutoring are available at The Princeton Review. Refer to the following link to know more about what the  courses at The Princeton Review offer you:

Manhattan GRE

Manhattan GRE is an institute that specializes in training students for different exams like the LSAT and GMAT apart from GRE. The training course at Manhattan GRE is very intuitive and is coupled with expert tutors and most modern technological study tools and resources. It offers different features like guided self-study, flash cards, curriculum that is based upon content and more. You can take the free practice test available on the official website in order to know your position. Refer to the following link to take the test: