Preparation Classes for GRE

Crash Courses for GRE Prep

GRE is taken by thousands of students worldwide annually. There exists a stiff competition among the test takers and obviously the need for better preparation programs is increasing daily. There are many preparation classes organized by different companies and they train students for achieving their goal of scoring high in the test. However, there are students who fail to score high despite spending thousands of dollars by attending preparation classes. It obviously depends upon the student's interest to prepare well for the exam.

Crash Courses for GRE Preparation

Before randomly selecting some preparatory class for GRE, you need to clearly understand about what you need in order to prepare well for the test. You should know where you stand. Different  classes have different approaches towards training students for the exam. For this reason, you should precisely know what you need. Furthermore, you can either choose to go to a training institute or even choose to subscribe to an online course. If you subscribe to online classes, then you can prepare for the exam directly from your home. However, you may miss out some advantages like one-on-one counseling with expert faculty, peer group, invigilated study rooms etc.

A crash course for this test is nothing but a fast track course. Crash courses might vary from a period of one month to three months. Students who have neglected their test preparation by not studying earlier attend crash courses which extend for a period of one to two months prior to the exam date. There will be some students who prepare for the test on their own and attend a crash course at the end in order to take simulated full-length tests and also clear any doubts that they might have had. You may find many crash courses or fast track courses, both online and offline for preparing for the exam. There are crash course prep books that promise to make you learn simple tactics of attempting the test within a week. However, shortcuts might not always help you. You should work hard and prepare for the test to be successful. It is always advised that you start preparing for the test well ahead of the test date. Reviewed below are some preparation classes for GRE in order to help you choose one that suits your preparation style.


MLIC GRE is one of the leading  preparation institutes that trains thousands of students annually. It offers full-length classroom coaching at different preparation centers worldwide. Moreover, it offers online preparation courses for students who wish to study from home. The course curriculum and study materials are all developed by expert tutors who have hands-on experience in training GRE aspirants. The fee structure for the  classes differ based upon the country. The complete course is of 120 hours of training which includes classroom training, testing and guided study hours. Refer to this link to visit the official MLIC prep website:

MLIC broadly offers two types of prep programs which are the GRE Turboprep and MLIC GRE online prep course. Moreover, if you only wish to take the tests, you can order a total of 6 timed full-length practice tests for US $50.

Kaplan GRE

Kaplan is a very familiar name for those who prepare for competitive tests and it is undoubtedly one of the best institutes that offer you a full-fledged powerful training program that helps you score high in the test. Kaplan's GRE course costs you more than other courses but it is really worth it. Kaplan provides you a range of course options all of which differ in prices and the training hours included in the course. Refer to the following link:

Kaplan also offers crash courses for those who wish to undergo preparation at the last minute. The Kaplan GRE crash course is an online course and extends for a period of 28 days. You can download practice tests and study from the online resources that Kaplan provides. Refer to this link to know more about this crash course:


PowerScore is yet another preparation institute that offers quality preparation classes. Here, you may select from the wide range of course options like the full-length courses, live online courses, weekend training batches and personal tutoring. Refer to the following link:

PowerScore offers a GRE crash course that extends for a very short period of 16 hours. It is a weekend course and the classes are held for just two weekends. It is a very good option if your exam date is fast approaching. Refer to the link to know more about this course: