Weekend Courses

There are some institutes and web sites that offer weekend courses. A weekend class for GRE preparation consists of classes only on Saturdays and Sundays, therefore these courses are helpful for those who are working or studying. A preparation class on weekends brushes up your basics and then teaches you the advanced topics. These courses make you learn the tact and strategies to take the test more effectively. A class includes mock tests and then provides reviews of your tests by the faculties. These weekend classes can be a supplement to your preparations.

This preparation class offers you an organized and focused study plan. These classes offer a complete preparation package including practice exams, personalized score reports, great classroom instruction, individualized homework assignments, and adaptable course materials. A preparation class has the advantage of a tutor also. You get to clear your doubts immediately. The other advantage is the regimen that the instructors will impose on you. A class explains the importance of test scores and test percentile.

Apart from the test preparation and scoring high marks, a class also provides counseling to the students to assemble the best application. Counselors in this class help you to get admissions into the graduate schools. These classes guide you through the entire admission process, like preparing SOP(statement of purpose) which states your academic and career goals and background. They help in preparing effective recommendation letters that certify that you are a student of high caliber. Usually three recommendation letters are required with every application form. The counselors help in preparing transcripts in the specified formats. Transcripts are mark lists in a standard format required by the universities. Counselors in a class help in preparation of application packets. Every university has different requirements. So you have to fulfill all of them if you want your application to be processed rapidly. The counselors at these classes help you to prepare all the visa documentation required by the US consulate and train you for the interview. This class also guides you in short listing universities where you can apply. Short listing should be done after you have given your exam and have your results in hand. It should be done at least seven months before the time you intend to join your college.

These classes provide thinking and test taking strategies, strategies to handle exam related anxiety a strong study plan and guidance of experts. A class also reviews and corrects your mistakes and weak points. In addition, you have your fellow students to help you and to motivate you.

Although these classes help you to prepare for the test, you should put an equal effort after the completion of your course and try to utilize the knowledge classes have given you to the full extent. You should review all that happened in the preparation class. Note down all your queries and get them answered by your instructors in your preparation class. In the end, self study is very important.

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