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Preparing for the Analytical Writing Section

You will be required to write two essays in response to an issue task and an argument task presented to you in the Analytical Writing section of the test. Your essay in response to each of these tasks will have to be framed in accordance with the specific task being handled. Your essay for the issue task should deliberate on the central idea and it should include suitable examples in support of your view on the issue addressed by the statement presented to you. You should make an endeavor to critically analyze and reason the facts stated in the statement presented to you for the argument task.

Apart from a sound knowledge of the conventions of standard written English, you need excellent writing skills to do well in this section of the test. You will have to carry out extensive reading, as a part of your  preparation schedule, in order to brush up your writing skills. In addition to reading, you should also practice writing essays on topics similar to the ones expected in this section of the test. Your preparation studies should include going through a number of scored sample essays, available on the internet and in study books, to get an idea of the level of essay writing expertise that you have to achieve in order to score high in this section of the test.

Preparing for the Quantitative Reasoning Section

Most students lack confidence in their Math fundamentals leading to a poor performance in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test. Your preparation should include extensive study of the basics of mathematics such as geometry, algebra, proportions, fractions, percentages, decimals etc. Most of the questions asked in the Quantitative Reasoning section are of high school level and are designed to test your understanding of elementary mathematics. Solve lots of mathematical problems as a part of your  preparation plan. It is a well known fact that you can do well in mathematical problems only if you have had endless practice in problem solving. You will have to learn to do questions quickly or skip them to save time or else you may not have enough time left to attempt all the questions while taking the test. You can develop this technique by taking as many practice tests as possible.

With effective use of the internet and study guides, you will learn the right methods for your preparation. Most of your initial studying can come from free online preparation resources. You may even explore the option of registering for a preparation course if it is within your financial reach. You should keep in mind that it is more important to organize your preparation schedule and stick to it by studying daily rather than collecting loads and loads of study materials and postponing your studies till the test date is just around the corner.

GRE Preparation Help

When you approach any institute or tutor for  help, make sure that you are not in for being fooled. You must ascertain that the source of help you choose has enough experience in the field. Moreover, the source of help should be able to teach you with equal efficiency. What good is a teacher with all the experience but no skill to put across his knowledge?

In case you plan to take preparation help from some web-based course, the chances of your being duped increase. There are times when the web sites offering such  preparation help are not authentic and do not deliver their promises. Besides their material is no good either. Make sure that you ascertain from some reliable source that the web site you approach is worth investing in.

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