Preparation for GRE

GRE is designed to assess your verbal skills, quantitative reasoning abilities, critical reasoning and writing skills. The skills tested by the GRE are unrelated with any specific aspect of education and are expected to have been developed by the student during his schooling. Besides being an admission criterion for graduate studies, most schools in the US use this test's scores to lay down the eligibility criteria for merit based grants and fellowships. This test consists of verbal reasoning measure, quantitative reasoning measure and analytical writing tasks. The test is conducted as a computerized test, however, the paper based test is offered in locations where the computerized version is unavailable.

GRE Preparation Materials

You will be sent free test preparation materials when you register for the is the official web site of ETS (Educational Testing Service) which is the organization that administers the test. This web site contains links to all details pertaining to the test format and preparation including free preparation materials. Apart from the free preparation materials, you can access additional preparation materials at a nominal cost from the official web site. The  preparation resources available at this web site include the GRE Power prep software which contains practice tests, sample essays, strategies for taking the test and test tutorials. You can also download documents that elaborate on the preparation techniques for each section of the test. Therefore, your collection of preparation materials should ideally start from the GRE's official web site.

The market is packed with study books that cover every aspect of the test. You can pick up a study book of your choice depending upon your requirements. You can even buy a suitable study book from any of the online bookstores like and You can visit web sites of leading test prep institutes like and for detailed information on available  preparation materials including online and regular preparation courses. Practice tests are an essential part of your preparation materials' collection. Make sure that you have a number of practice tests available at hand for a quick assessment of the progress that you are making in your  preparation. These practice tests are beneficial for gaining practice in taking the test within the allotted time frame for each section.

GRE Preparation

The amount of time that is required to prepare for the test depends from individual to individual. If you are a quick learner, then probably you won't need to spend as much time studying as someone who absorbs information at a slower rate. It is strongly advised that you start studying for the test a couple of months before the test date, but if you don't have much time in hand, an organized preparation schedule will definitely help you. Commence your test preparation by familiarizing yourself with the test format, reviewing fundamentals and taking practice tests. A couple of initial practice tests will help you in your self assessment. You will be able to identify your weaknesses and strengths with respect to the content tested by the test.

Prepare a detailed preparation plan with time slots for covering various topics. Make a list of topics in the order that you would like to cover them. Start your preparation with an hour or two of study per day, and slowly increase the study time as the test date approaches. If possible, form a study group with others who are also appearing for the test. You may learn a lot by discussing with each other. However, you have nothing to lose if you want to carry out your preparation by self study.

Supplement your preparation plan with a number practice tests at regular intervals. These tests will help you gauge where you stand with respect to your readiness for the test. The GRE is not a test of your intellect; rather it is a test of how you apply your knowledge for reasoning and analyzing the given data. Therefore, cramming up formulae, rules and basic concepts of various subjects will not be helpful. You will need adequate practice in solving problems specific to the test for attaining a high score. Solve as many  sample questions and practice tests as you can during your preparation. You may have to follow a different approach for tackling each section of the test. Therefore, your test preparation plan will have to be organized accordingly.

Preparing for the Verbal Reasoning Section

The redesigned format of GRE 2011 consists of two sections in Verbal reasoning measure with three different categories of questions. These are Text completion, Reading comprehension, and Sentence equivalence. Though antonyms and analogies have been deleted you cannot overlook the importance of a good vocabulary, to score high in this section. Your preparation plan should be designed in such a way that you are able to increase your vocabulary. A good vocabulary book is a must for your preparation.

Try spending some amount of time daily in reviewing the words you need to learn. Tie up with your friends or family to quiz you during the day on various new words that you have learnt. You can use the Internet and television, especially the news channels to pick up new words and know their usage. This will definitely help you remember the word along with its meaning and correct usage. Make it a habit to go through the daily newspaper, especially the editorials. Good reading habits will assist you in developing your vocabulary as well as your writing skills which is tested by the Analytical writing tasks of the test. There are many vocabulary games which may help you in preparing for this section of the test.

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