Prep Software for GRE

Software for GRE Prep that You Must Have!

GRE is a standardized test that requires a great amount of dedication and preparation for cracking it. From preparation books to preparation programs, there are multiple ways you can prepare for this widely recognized admission test. If you are planning for the test, here are three preparation software programs that you must look at:

1. POWERPREP II Software: Preparation for the Computer-based GRE revised General Test

Developed and released by ETS, the creators of GRE, POWERPREP II is considered one of the most authentic and popular preparation software programs available today for the CBT GRE. This freeware can be downloaded and installed on to your system with least effort (

Important Features and Advantages:

  • The comprehensive content includes a math review, topics on Analytical Writing, previously scored essays with their reviewers' comments, etc.

  • In addition, this  software program includes a Test Preview Tool and a Practice Test. You can take the practice test in both timed and untimed ways. When taking a timed practice test, you may view your scores at the end. This helps offer a clear picture of where you stand in your preparations.

  • The software also covers topics on test scoring, test design, question types, and strategies for taking the revised General Test.

  • POWERPREP II can be installed on any PC or laptop running Windows OS from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Timewise GRE Vocabulary Software

Specifically developed for improving the verbal section scores, this  software program offers specific features for vocabulary building. It uses a unique and effective methodology for enhancing your vocabulary and does not stick to the traditional methods of sentence creation or audio files ( There are two different programs included in this software package, namely Smart Deck and Recallculator.

Important Features and Advantages:

  • Timewise is quite simple and easy to use with its streamlined design. You need not bother to learn the software first in order to start your preparation.

  • Realizing the fact that it is not possible to use every single new word in a sentence or context to learn it, or memorize it by pronouncing it loudly, Timewise uses different strategies for increasing your vocabulary.

  • By using a technology similar to computerized flashcards, which allows for repetition and adequate spacing, Timewise overcomes the challenges of traditional book-based, alphabetical vocabulary lists.

  • Smart Deck and Recallculator employ different memorization and cognition techniques for faster learning. This is based on the principle that using different techniques aids better understanding. Smart Deck employs paired-association and juxtaposes the definition along with every word. Recallculator works on the principle of recall, and requires you to enter a definition for each word without seeing the given meaning.

  • The software is developed based on the experiences of its creator Kevin Klein as a test instructor, and is streamlined to the requirements of the test takers.

  • The software can be used for preparing for both CBT and PBT versions of the test; and is competitively priced.

GRE Desktop Software

If you are planning to do a self-study and are a little tight on your budget, GRE Desktop Software from Nova Press may be the perfect preparation software package for you. Including in-depth reviews of all the relevant topics and new question types of the revised General Test, this software is a comprehensive package for preparation (

Important Features and Advantages:

  • A summary of math properties and 17 math lessons along with practice questions are included for the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test. Topics on writing techniques, grammar, style, and rhetoric are also included in addition to tips on reading comprehension.

  • In addition to the content reviews, this software package also contains many practice/sample questions and three practice tests, which are scored.

  • Answers are provided for all the practice questions.

  • There are two different modes for this software, Mentor Mode and Test Mode. In the Mentor Mode, whenever you answer a question, you can see whether it is correct and learn the solution, as well. In the Test Mode, the test is timed and then scored at the end.

  • The software is available at a competitive price.

The main advantage of these software programs is that they simulate the actual test environment and format of the computer-based revised General Test to a considerable extent. This provides you with a better idea of what to expect on the day of the actual test. Listed here are only three of the preparation software packages available today; with many more comprehensive as well as specific packages available on the net, you may select the best that fits your criteria, and enjoy the benefits of a  software.