GRE Preparation Using GRE Review Books And GRE Prep Courses

Utilizing GRE Resources

The preparation plan for GRE requires a careful analysis of the time available with you and a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Your score on the test highly depends on how you make the best use of the resources available with you. You may be very good at the English language and your math skills. However, when it comes to solving the test paper, you must be well prepared. You can undertake preparation using review books and preparatory courses of GRE. These review books and courses also offer complete subject contents along with sample question papers and tips for taking the exam. Let us see how to make the best out of your preparation course or a review course.

GRE Preparation Using GRE Review Books and GRE Prep Courses

You will find a lot of institutes like Kaplan, Princeton and Powerscore that offer preparation using review books and preparatory courses of GRE. The preparation course and a review course is almost the same. At places you will find that the preparation course is quite extensive with a lot of stress on every concept required for all the sections of the test. It spans over a long time and includes homework and practice tests. The courses are generally short and give you an overview of the entire syllabus. The courses may not involve homework assignments and review of your performance by the faculty. If you are short of time for your preparation then you can opt for preparation courses.

Another important guiding factor for choosing a particular type of course is your take off level. You should take a mock test of GRE without preparation and see your performance. If you score very high then you can just do with a review book. But if you score very badly then you must think of taking review books and preparatory courses of the test. If you feel you are not comfortable in studying in a group then you can even think of private tutoring from an experienced faculty.

A good review book, regular study and a lot of practice are the three essentials for cracking the test. Whether you opt for review books and preparation courses or decide to do self study, you must have these things with you to score high. You must plan your study table as per the time available with you. You must study all the concepts required for the exam as quickly as possible. Every topic that you study for the test must follow with the practice of solving questions based on it. These review books offer lots of sample questions on every topic. Once you finish studying all the sections of the test then you should start taking the mock tests. The best thing any review books and preparation courses course can offer is a mock test. It makes you practice solving previous years' question papers in similar conditions as you will face during the actual exam. These review books also contain sample test papers. You must practice solving as many of these papers as possible.

If you have the right kind of motivation and will power you can score really high at the test. Thousands of candidates take this exam every year. Your systematic approach, the right kind of course and adequate practice can surely make you secure a place way ahead of them.

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