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Disadvantages of GRE Test Prep Courses

You have been shown a very rosy picture of the preparartion courses of GRE in the preceding paragraphs, but the harsh truth is that you can be easily duped into getting enrolled for an extremely useless  course which will not only waste your time and effort but also waste the money that you would have spent in signing up for the said course. Apart from the reputed test preparation courses, there are just a handful of others which may actually be able to make a difference to your test score. You will have to be extremely careful before deciding to enroll for a  course with a local test preparation institute. You may be forced to take a  course from a local test preparation institute due to unavailability of a reputed institute center in your vicinity.

Carry out discussions with students who have taken test prep courses from that institute to determine the quality of the preparation courses offered by them. The quality of the instructions imparted and the worth of the study materials provided should be commensurate with the registration fee for that particular preparation course. Apart from the financial aspect there are other aspects of the preparatory course that should be checked, like the qualifications and experience of the teachers employed by the test preparation institute. The test scores of the institute's ex-students will give you a fair idea of the difference that this particular preparation course may make to your test preparation.

The biggest disadvantage of a preparatory course is the astronomical cost involved in registering for one with the reputed institutes. This is another reason for students flocking to local test preparation institutes for taking  courses. However, there may be some students who are not in a position to afford any type of a  course. If you feel that a  course is out of your financial reach, then you need not worry as the internet is abound with free preparation courses, practice tests and free preparation materials for GRE.

Collect some good study material and work out a detailed preparation plan. Add overdoses of hard work and dedication. This is a sure shot recipe for an excellent test score.

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