The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General Test is a standardized test. Its scores are accepted by many graduate, business and professional schools across the U.S., Canada and many other countries for admissions to programs of study offered by them. Good scores increase your probability of getting financial aid for your higher studies which is a boon for those of you who may not have been able to afford higher studies otherwise.

Begin your preparation for the test with an overview of the content tested by the GRE and analyze it with respect to the subject areas in which you feel that you will require additional assistance. This additional assistance can be availed by you in the form of preparatory courses. The test preparation industry is a thriving business that is experiencing exponential growth due to the awareness in today's generation of students to do well in standardized tests and other entrance tests. Students register with reputed institutes for the preparation courses for GRE offered by them as they want to explore every possible avenue for scoring high in the test.

Types of GRE Prep Courses

There is a multitude of types of preparation courses offered by institutes. The types of preparation courses available can be divided into two broad categories i.e. the classroom based preparation courses and the online courses. The advantage of registering for an online preparatory course is that you can take it at a time and place as per your convenience. You also save on the time that you would have spent in traveling to attend the classes of the regular preparation course. In spite of these advantages, a large number of students do not take the online course as they feel that the student and teacher interaction available at the regular preparation course is a very important aspect of their preparation for the test and it cannot be compromised at any cost.

Apart from these two categories of preparation courses, you will find a host of other types of  courses like the fast track  courses, night classes, private tutoring and subject specific preparation courses. The availability of each type of the above mentioned preparation courses depends on the test preparation institute offering them and the location where you reside.

GRE Prep Courses Test Prep Institutes

The classroom courses offered by Kaplan, a leading test prep company, include a complete Classroom Course and an Express in GRE which is a condensed  course. You are also offered the option of registering for private tutoring, the schedule of which can be suitably modified to meet your requirements. Kaplan offers a wide variety of online resources including full fledged online preparation courses, condensed  courses, quizzes, etc. You can even browse their preparation materials from their web site at This web site contains all details of the above mentioned  courses offered by Kaplan. This web site also contains details like study time and study materials associated with each  course, offered by Kaplan, in a tabulated form. This data can be utilized by you for selecting a suitable preparation course.

Princeton Review is another well known name in the test preparation industry. You can go through its web site at to take a look at the various types of preparatory courses offered by them. You will find that they also offer you a choice of classroom, online and short courses for GRE. You may select a suitable course after due deliberation.

There are other test preparation institutes and web sites like, and that offer guidance for preparation as well as information on various  courses and preparation materials for GRE.

Advantages of GRE Prep Courses

The test preparation institutes face tough competition from one another in the race for establishing their superiority in the test preparation business. This has led to an escalation in the quality of instructions and guidance imparted at the reputed test preparation institutes. Each reputed test preparation institute employs good teachers, provides good preparation study material and makes all possible efforts to get a good result. They want to show to the world that the students registered with them have scored high in this test; therefore, they go all out to give additional attention to those students who require it.

If you have registered for a reputed course, then you need not worry about collecting good study material as it will be provided by the institute conducting the course. You will be given personal attention for all your doubts and queries. Regular practice tests will be held as a part of the preparation course curriculum. The results of these practice tests will help you as well as your teachers in assessing your readiness to take the test. A number of test preparation institutes take a diagnostic initial practice test to ascertain the level of training you require for scoring high in the test. You are then advised to choose a course accordingly. This is very helpful for those students who are keen on doing well in the test but are not confident of their knowledge of the fundamentals of the content tested by the GRE.

In addition to extensive review of the content tested by the GRE, the preparatory course curriculum includes a number of strategies, techniques and methods for tackling the questions asked in the test. The test is now administered as a computerized test in almost all the test centers across the world. The paper version of the test is offered in only those locations where the computerized version is not available. Therefore, it is necessary that you have adequate practice in solving problems specific to the computerized test format. The courses give you adequate exposure to the methods to be adopted for answering all questions in each section of the test within the time limit.

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