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GRE score is an important parameter to decide an applicant's chances of securing admission in a post graduate school in the US and Canada. GRE is a test of generic skills and ability to competently carry out logical constructs, something which a candidate has gradually acquired over years of formal education. Getting prepared for such an exam requires tailored study mechanisms to get geared up in a short time. This is where preparation classes for GRE come in. A preparatory class is a custom tailored study methodology offered by individual institutions in various forms. The most common forms of preparation classes are classroom-based classes or Online based E-learning classes. The fundamental difference between a class based study method, and a self-study method is the presence of a tutor (real or virtual) who will guide you through the course contents. Therefore, it is an interactive study method.

The decision to choose a preparation class based study over a self-study method is entirely a matter of personal choice.

GRE Prep Class

As mentioned earlier, there are primarily two forms of classes, class room based and online e-learning courses. There is also a lesser known form called private tutoring. Private tutoring is a one to one study method, and remains restricted to the availability of good instructors in the region that one belongs to.

Regular Coaching Classes

Regular Coaching classes are usually classroom based sessions run by certain institutions. These classes conduct the study classes as per a pre-determined schedule. They usually publish brochures or advertise through their web sites about their study methodology and their credentials. Most of the times, they will advertise using the testimonials of their students in the past who have attended their tutorials. It will be good to find out if somebody on your peer group also has a first hand experience of these preparation classes.

However in most of the cases, these preparation classes have three fundamental advantages.

  • One, they are schedule based, and hence impose rigor and discipline on you. You are bound to a schedule.
  • Two, these classes offer an interactive nature of study. Every class has a tutor, who depending on his ability can add a lot of value to the contents of a book.
  • Three, these classes offer services beyond just the test.

Most of the well known and reputed institutions offer much tailored study programs. Besides a mandatory coverage of all the sections featured in the test, the students get to interact with the instructors on a one to one basis. Doubts and problems get immediate attention, with helpful hints to tackle related problems. The pattern of the test, test taking strategies and typical question are discussed in the classes. Face to face interaction with the faculty gives confidence to the students. Interaction with the fellow students helps in knowledge sharing and it also motivates you to work hard due to a sense of competition. Students are monitored individually for their performance during the practice and mock tests, and tips and guidance are provided according to their requirements to improve their scores. These classes conduct frequent practice tests and CBT's (Computer Based Tests). The exposure to these tests before the actual exam should help in eliminate exam anxiety and improve overall confidence. The preparation classes also offer classes after you complete your courses.

These preparation classes also offer additional services like

  • Provide information on Universities, and their ratings in specific fields of study
  • Prepare your admission dockets
  • Help you write prepare your admission dockets

Online Classes

Online preparation classes are for the students who believe in self study. Here you don't have to attend the classes. Online classes provide flexibility to your studies. You can make your own study plan according to availability of your time, and you can study in the comfort of your own home. You can access these courses from anywhere. These courses provide unlimited access to the faculty. These sites are highly interactive and allow you to log your queries anytime. These sites offer comprehensive lessons on every topic and many practice tests with explanation to the answers. These sites also offer mock tests and give your personalized score card with the tips to improve your scores. Some of the web sites which offer online preparation classes are,, . The best part of these online preparation courses is that if you are not satisfied with the results, then you can repeat them free of cost.

GRE Test Prep Class

The preparation classes are the review courses which offer effective and intensive revision and practice sessions. These classes help you to improve your score by reviewing subject matter, taking timed computer-simulated exams, teaching test taking techniques for overcoming test anxiety. These classes will expose you to a variety of strategies which include: review of specific mathematical concepts, careful and critical reading of passages, organizing concepts and ideas, learning to eliminate wrong answers, working under strict timed conditions, developing an effective personal study schedule. Many regular coaching classes and web sites offer special preparation classes for GRE.

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