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GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is conducted by ETS and is required for admission to most post-graduate courses in the universities in the US, US territory and Canada. It is a general aptitude test. The test score is used as a measure of the candidate's ability to do well in a postgraduate school. It is therefore important to score high marks in the GRE to get admission to a college of your choice. The very important step of getting well prepared for the test is to get hold of the right book.

There are various methods of preparation for GRE available today like coaching classes, preparation books, and online  books.

GRE Prep Book

The GRE preparation book is a traditional way which is still an effective way to prepare for the test. Coaching centers are also an option but sometimes traveling to a coaching center can be a constraint. Then there is the online study option through the internet, but this may not be a personal choice of many. However traditional it might be, but there is no doubt that a good  book of the right repute can give you the required edge to your test preparations. The market offers you a variety of choices when it comes to selection of a book. Hence, it becomes difficult to decide which book to buy as all the books claim to be the best ones. Some students buy more than one book just to be on the safer side and to get more variety of reading content. You will also get a greater variety of sample test questions to test your preparation. So, if economics is not a constraint, try to get two preparation books to start with.

Before you decide on the choice of a  preparation book, you should scrutinize these books for a few factors. Check out the publishers first. A good publishing house offers you a certain level of credibility about the authenticity of the book content. Have a look at the book reviews given in the  book (usually on the back of the book). Much more detailed book reviews are also available on the internet Book reviews give you a fair idea of the usefulness of a preparation book. Go through them and read about the experiences of others who have actually used the book. Find out if somebody in your peer circle has already used any preparation book for the test. A person who has used the book will help to take a decision about a preparation book. You should also make sure that the test book you are planning to purchase covers all the three sections of test. This test has three sections- verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. The book must contain enough practice tests. If the book contains sample tests then it is very good as these sample tests give you the feel of the real test pattern. You should go for the latest version of the  book. There are books in the market that offer specialized matter on specific sections of the test. Therefore, if you feel that you are weak in a particular section, you can buy a book with that particular section. Many preparation books also provide CDs along with them containing the electronic version of the book and the sample tests which are built on the actual test pattern. You can buy these books from your local bookstore or you can buy these preparation books from online stores. There are many web sites like HYPERLINK "" µ§ and HYPERLINK "" µ§ which allow you to buy books on line. On the web site, you will get many choices of GRE books along with their specialty, price, reviews. For those who have a low budget, there are sites like HYPERLINK "" µ§ where used books are also available.

Online GRE Preparation Book

There are many web sites which provide you online  books. These sites ask you to become a member of these sites. You have to pay some amount to become a member and avail the study content. An online book provides a comprehensive study material and an online preparation book has the benefit of a tutor available 24 hours as you can put your queries anytime. It contains a lot of practice questions and mock tests. Taking these mock tests gives you a fair idea of the actual exam. Such a book also teaches you good tips like those of time management. Some of these web sites are Kaplan's http HYPERLINK "" µ://§,, Peterson's, http HYPERLINK "" µ://§. There are few sites like http HYPERLINK "" µ://§ which also provide free study material. Website http//, is the original GRE site, and provides sample papers and the GRE bulletin.

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