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The present world of information and technology has made it possible to have online coaching for GRE preparation help. Numerous web sites offer online help. Most of these provide free help. These web sites try to explain various aspects of the test. It is difficult for online  help sources to match with the teaching pattern of an institute but these online help sources are very helpful if it is not possible for you to attend coaching classes due to lack of time or money. If you take online help where you are required to make a payment, it is recommended that you inquire about the authenticity of the web site before making any kind of payment.


The only purpose of test preparation is to help you score high in the test. Practice can not only help you identify your weaknesses that can be improved but also help you get acquainted with the test format. You should take practice tests at regular intervals and use the feedback from these tests to improve upon your weaknesses. More practice shall help you prepare better for the exam. There are a large number of web sites which provide online tests for practice. Some of the CDs provided along with the various books should also have sample practice tests.

Examination Hall

Another aspect of  preparation is about preparing yourself to keep your calm during the examination. This will be possible if there are no external factors affecting you. It is important that you be at the test center in time, carry important documents like identification proof etc and understand the directions for appearing for the exam in advance. This will not only give you confidence but also save a lot of time during the examination.

ETS web site has information about lots of reference books and guidelines for all sections. If you practice from the study material provided through the official ETS web site, it can provide you with the experience of the real test, which will be helpful during the exam. A planned and rigorous preparation will certainly help you get a good score in GRE.

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