GRE or Graduate Record Examination is an important test and it is also very important for you to do well in the test to get admission in the university or college of your choice. Thorough knowledge of the subject and good reasoning skills (both verbal and quantitative), which you would have acquired in school, are essential to do well in the exam. Regular practice may prove to be very useful to increase the score. A good practice test will help you to get an idea about your preparation for the exam. A good preparation will help you to secure a high score and get admission in the college or university of your choice. The main objective of the practice tests is to familiarize you with the format of the exam and examination conditions you are likely to face. It also helps you to determine your present level of preparation. If you are planning to appear for the test, then other than regular practice of various questions, a practice test is an essential tool that should become a part of your preparation.


The practice test you plan to undertake will depend on the format of the exam you wish to appear for. It is important that you decide about the center of your choice at the earliest. This will help you to find the test format available at the center of your choice. CBT or Computer Based Test and PBT or Paper Based Test, are the two formats of test conducted by ETS. CBT, which is the latest format, is available in most of the countries. In test centers where conduct of CBT is not feasible, PBT is still being conducted. Therefore, it is recommended that you take practice tests based on the format applicable to you.

GRE Practice Test

After deciding about the format of the test, you should plan your preparation as per that particular format. Although this essay will discuss the practice tests in general, but it will focus more towards CBT which is the latest format of the test. There are a large number of practice tests available in the market. The test that you choose should be as per the format available in your center. It should be as close to the real exam as possible. It should be taken under similar circumstances as in the real test. Some of the good practice tests are available in The Princeton Review, GRE Secrets,, Some of these web sites offer free practice tests and practice tests for various sections as well.

Most of the preparation books or guides available in the market for GRE are accompanied by CDs containing sample questions and practice tests. It will be a good idea to keep this as one of the criterion for the selection of a preparation book. Some of the good books available in the market that are accompanied with practice tests by GRE Bible, GRE practice test by Kaplan.

Once a student registers himself/herself, ETS sends him/her the software called PowerPrep. The official software PowerPrep which is sent to the students contains two computer based practice tests along with the other preparatory materials. The tests in PowerPrep are computer adaptive. It is very similar to the actual test and gives you the exact score that you are likely to get in the test. PowerPrep can also be downloaded from the official web site. ETS also sends general practice tests for students using PBT format. The General Practice Test is a practice test by ETS for students who are appearing in PBT.

Requirement of Practice tests

These tests should be taken at regular intervals to continuously assess your present level of preparation. The objective of  practice tests as discussed earlier, is very important and should be remembered. The first aim is to get familiar with the format and directions for appearing for the test and also with the various situations you are likely to face during the examination. Time available for the various sections, time taken by the various activities during the examination like reading the questions, analysis and answering etc are such examples. This will be possible only if the test is taken under circumstances that are very close to the real circumstances. Practice tests organized by ETS may prove to be very helpful as these tests are not only conducted in appropriate circumstances but these may also contain questions similar to those in the actual test. It is not the practice test for GRE that will help you to get a high score in the exam but what is going to help you is the improvements that you do in your preparation based on the feedbacks that you get from these practice tests.

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