PowerPrep Download

Why is GRE PowerPrep Download Important

The GRE PowerPrep software is free software that has been developed by ETS to help students in their effort to prepare for the test properly. It is useful only for those students who will be appearing for the Computer-based format of the test. Here is a discussion of the software and download options will follow!

About GRE PowerPrep

This software contains comprehensive information about all the test sections as given on the official website of ETS. It also has all the sample questions as provided by ETS on the same website. Downloading this software is of more use today that ever before because of the introduction of revised General Test. The software will help you in familiarizing yourself with the new pattern of the test and the kinds of questions that are asked now. It contains two practice tests - one timed and one untimed - which you can take to review your preparation. The software also includes essay samples for the Analytical Writing section. This will help you understand what is expected of you in your answer if you wish to score high marks. You can also compare high-scoring and low-scoring responses to find out what are the differences between them. Apart from that, the overall scoring of the test has also been explained. All this has been supplemented by providing lots of strategies and tips for maximizing test scores.

About the Practice Tests

The practice tests that are included in this download exhibit all the new features of the GRE and its user-friendly design. There are two tests - one timed and one untimed test. You can pause the untimed test whenever you want and return to it at your own convenience. An on-screen calculator will be provided to you which is a part of the revised test. You can also switch between questions, moving forward and backward with ease. Scores will be shown only for the timed test.

Requirements for Downloading GRE PowerPrep

The download for 'GRE PowerPrep' is subject to several minimum system requirements. First of all, this software can only be downloaded to a windows operating system. This means that Mac users will be unable to access the test preview tool and the practice tests. Other than that, your system should be Pentium IV 1.8 GHz. You should have at least 150 MB of free disk space and 1 GB of uninstalled memory. Your computer should have a monitor that is either at least a 17" CRT or a 14" LCD with a video card of 1028×768 32-bit color depth resolution. Only Microsoft Internet Explorer (minimum Version 6.0) can be used for performing the download. A connection to the internet be it cable modem, DSL, or anything better, is required. The size of the software is around 50 MB.

Download Procedure

For performing the download of 'GRE PowerPrep', follow this link - http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2/download - which will lead you to the official website of ETS. Do not make the mistake of downloading this software from any other source. When you click on the tab that says 'Download GRE PowerPrep II Now', a dialog box will appear that asks you to either 'Save' or 'Run' the file. Click on 'Save'. In case you are not very well versed with computers, it would be best for you to save the file on your Desktop as it would be easier to find later on. A box will show the progress of your download. When it is finished, click on the 'Close' tab.

For installing the software, go to your Desktop and click on the PowerPrep icon that you see. A dialog box will ask you to 'Run' or 'Don't Run' the software. 'Run' the software and the InstallShield Wizard will open up. Follow normal installation procedures. Open the software after you have finished installing it and start using it.

If you have followed all the above instructions for this download and are still unable to successfully download or install it, you can contact Technical Support by emailing them at GRETechSupport@ets.org. Visit the FAQ section of the ETS site which concerns PowerPrep (http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2/download) to find out more about other ways of contacting Tech Support.

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