Online Resources for GRE

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is required to be taken by the candidates who are seeking admission in the graduate schools in US, US territory and Canada. This exam is conducted by ETS which is a private organization. This test is basically the measure of a candidate's ability to make logical decisions. This test measures candidates verbal ability, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills. Test scores are very important in getting admission in the reputed schools. There are two modes of taking the exam: Paper based test and Computer based test. You need to score high marks to get admission in a college of your choice.

Online world meaning the internet is a host for information related to the test. We can classify this information into online registration, online study material, online courses,  online sample tests, free online test preparation and sample tests for GRE.

There are three ways of registration - online registration, registration by phone and registration by mail.

You can take the test anytime of the year. Online registration can be done on GRE web site You have to select the web registration option. The web page will guide you through the procedure of registration. Payment for online registration is made through credit cards. After you submit your form online, you will get a confirmation number. Online registration facility is not available for the candidates from Nigeria. You will get all the information related to the registration on the web site.

Next step after registration is to start the preparation for the test. To start your preparations, you need good and reliable study material. There is variety of study material available in the market like test books, software, online study materials. These material are available in the market as well as online. There are many web sites where you can buy these materials. There are number of web sites which provide online study material. These online sites provide an additional support of a 24-hour teacher. These online study programs also provide a lot of online practice tests. You have two options to study online, either you can go for some selected section or you can go for the full online study course. Many people find this test difficult because of the vocabulary section where you need to score well, and online courses provide thousands of vocabulary words. These online courses adjust to your skill level so that your can maximize your score with minimal effort. Learn new words, try to use those words that you have mastered in sentences, and take advantage of several exercises available online to help you increase your vocabulary. There are many sites which provide study courses on paying some fee. There are live online courses, online private tutoring courses, online study courses and online crash courses. In live online courses, you get course material with live instructions and guidance from a tutor. Through these courses you can strengthen your concepts and clear your doubts. In online private tutoring, you get a tutor who teaches you and prepares a study plan according to your needs and requirements. This option provides you personal attention. Therefore it is possible for you to study at your pace. These courses are good for those who are highly motivated and do not require constant push. These courses are just a support for their self study plan. In these study plans, you have flexibility as far as time is concerned.You can study at your pace. Online crash courses are for those who don't have much time or who just want to brush up their basics.

There are many sites which provide free preparation material and free sample tests. That means you can study online without paying any fee. These online sample tests provide the actual test conditions and help you to rate yourself. The ETS web site also provides free software POWERPREP which comes free with the registration for the test. Similarly there are many online courses which provide free software containing practice questions and mock tests.

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