GRE Preparation through Online Tests

The most important part of all these online courses is online test for GRE. Each test course comes with 4-5 practice tests. These online tests make you comfortable with the computer and its functions. Your typing speed also improves. These tests are timed and computer based tests so these tests give you a feel of the real test. These tests help you to improve your test scores by reviewing your subject matter and your answers. These tests teach you test taking strategies and help in overcoming test related anxiety. Online tests are very helpful at the time of revision as they give the real picture of your preparation. There are many sites which offer tests for practice online.

GRE is basically about your basic intelligence, your time management, and your test taking ability. Practice is the thing which can cover your many weaknesses. You should take as many practice tests as possible. These online tests give you hundreds of practice questions and test taking techniques. You should go for a online software which provides mock tests that are very close to the actual exam. One of the softwares available on the net is POWERPREP which is provided by ETS itself and it contains practice tests having questions from the previous tests. You should take these  tests at one go, using the specified test limits. This software creates the same environment as you get in the actual conditions. During these tests, scoring is also done as in the real exam. Like First question is of moderate difficulty and as you progress the difficulty level keeps on changing. These tests also explain you the importance of first few questions and that these questions can increase your scores. These online tests will help you to judge where you actually stand in terms of your preparations. These online tests also help you to identify your areas of strength and the areas you need to improve. As you go through your practice sessions , taking the mock tests repeatedly will help you to measure the progress that you have made on the way.

One very important thing which you learn from these online tests is that while taking the exam, in times of indecision or confusion, you should use a process of elimination to weed out the most unlikely answers. You should take a guess at the remaining options. Since there is no negative marking, you should take the maximum advantage of intelligent guesses. You should not waste time by getting stuck with one question only. And one important thing is that you cannot go back once you have selected an answer and clicked it. So you have to be very careful before clicking. After each online test , review thoroughly the complete analysis of your test including score, percentile rank, and a tally of question types and difficulty. By doing this you will know what you need to study to improve your test score.Your  preparation is incomplete without practice tests. Therefore when you join for any preparation course online or buy any preparation material, you should confirm whether it comes with practice tests or not.

In the end give yourself as much preparation time as possible as this test is not about memorization. You need to study systematically and practice a lot to score well.

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